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28 September, 2009

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Abandon Ship! (1957) by N.B. Forrest. I saw this movie (based on a true story) for the second time last night, and was reminded just what a gem it is. It starred handsome Tyrone Power (the last White man ever to sport the name “Tyrone”, incidentally). He played Alec Holmes, executive officer of the ocean […]

16 March, 2009

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by Iranian For Aryans. “I watched this horror-fantasy stop-action claymation tale tonight. Like its predecessor, A Nightmare Before Christmas, I was very impressed. Both productions are macabre, phantasmagoric, and utterly wild in their conceptions and depictions of other-worldly scenes and places. Essentially, this tale is one that centers around a situation that is “too good […]

14 March, 2008

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I just watched “Beowulf”   “Beowulf as depicted by a Nordic female painter. Beowulf is a hero through-and-through.”   “Beowulf the Modern: a bastard product of Jewish cultural perversions.”   I thought it was a sordid affair. It was, as to be expected, a corruption of the original tale. It Jewed everything down. There were […]

11 March, 2007

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By Andrei Kievsky Gay Porn at Wal-Mart; Borat the Movie promoted as “family entertainment” I rented “Borat” last Friday and got through about 20 minutes of it before turning it off in disgust. The funniest part was the preview where you hit “enter” on the DVD control to start the movie. It had a parody […]

23 January, 2007

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Reviewed by Cowboy Zeke As one VNNer put it this could be the most important film of our time. “Idiocracy” is about the future of mankind which is not bright, both in terms of optimism and intellectual terms.

8 January, 2007

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By Antonio Fini All the shots I take; what difference do I make? -Metallica I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep. -Jesus ANGLO DECAY IN POST WAR AMERICA Does Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones Society covertly rule The United States? Is the CIA run by a bunch […]

31 December, 2006

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By Theseus

31 December, 2006

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Apocalypto Now: Abortion and Human Sacrifice in the Americas by E. Michael Jones Apocalypto is some indication of how far we have come in a very short time. The base line for Mel Gibson could be The Patriot, produced in 2000, which portrays America from the point of view of its beginnings in the Enlightenment, […]

31 December, 2006

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“The Dark” 2004(debut), 2006/starring Maria Bello and Sean Bean/directed by John Fawcett/screenplay by Stephen Massicotte/on DVD Reviewed by VNN Staff We bet that most Jews and liberals won’t enjoy “The Dark” much – after all, there isn’t a negro, a Mexican, a homosexual or an AIDS patient in sight. Worse, the movie takes place not […]

18 December, 2006

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We already live in the ‘Kwa, but it can get worse, and Mike Judge shows how. A good article by Steve Sailer… BTW, it’s been a long time since VNN had a regular movie reviewer, so if any of our new readers would like to try their hand, feel free.