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3 October, 2009

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by Dr. Revilo Oliver. “IT IS ALWAYS extremely difficult for a member of one race to understand, or even to appraise fairly, the mentality of another race. I have often commented on a puzzling aspect of the Jewish mind, the strange desinvolture–no, it’s more than that: the downright negligence with which they perpetrate hoaxes that […]

23 September, 2009

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VNN hasn’t forgotten Revilo Oliver (although granted, there is less focus on him here on the front page than on Pierce, mainly for stylistic reasons): [Article]. (Also, re: Oliver and the John Birch Society: read about “The Neutralizers” by Birch Society founder Welch in which he says that anti-Semitism is merely a diversion from anti-Communism. […]

12 July, 2009

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“The Jewish Strategy” by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver (a .pdf file; use the zoom-in tool at the top of the book to make the text bigger): [Book].

2 July, 2009

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Someone mentioned Dr. Oliver in the Comments section. Here is one of his essays: [Here]. More Dr. Oliver: [Here].

4 May, 2009

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Some of you might find this interesting, some not. Newbies, Latin is a White language which was spoken in ancient Rome. It’s part of what you learn when you study the Classics (which Dr. Revilo Oliver taught): [Article].

11 April, 2009

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Seen on the TV news: a mention of the income tax (Tax Day is, of course, April 15). The late Dr. Revilo Oliver called the 1913 income tax law the “White Slave Act,” and he also called it a “Marxist device.” Did you know that many wealthy or semi-wealthy gentile families lost their power due […]

30 October, 2008

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For those who don’t know, Oliver’s name is a palindrome: It reads the same backwards as forwards. Most of these works are text, but some are audio-only: [Here].

29 October, 2008

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Revilo Oliver made a good comment about the graduated income tax, which dealt a major blow to wealthy-and-powerful gentile families in the 20th century [1]. The Jews weren’t harmed as much by the income tax, since they were international people. A national tax impacted them less; they knew how to manipulate any system that involved […]

27 July, 2008

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This book, published in 1963, can be found online or in used-book shops: [Review].

10 October, 2007

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21 January 1993 Revilo Pendleton Oliver701 Ohio StreetUrbana, Illinois61801 Mr. Eric ThomsonP.O. Box 896Yakima, Washington  98907 Dear Mr. Thomson: Thank you for your letter of 23 December and the picture of the very old trolley car that now operates on the Yakima Railroad as a tourist attraction, in place of the more modern equipment that […]