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26 August, 2007

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It seems that the American Jewish Committee was pretty busy in the 1950s: [Here] More AJC material: [Here]

26 August, 2007

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The long-awaited “Petraeus report” on Iraq, due September 15, will not be written by the general, but instead by the White House. Question: will White House chief-of-staff Bolten, Bush’s “Judaism guru,” help write the report? [1]: [Article] [1] about Joshua Bolten: [Here]

25 August, 2007

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Nelson Mandela once wrote an essay called “How to Be a Good Communist” [1]. He also tested Molotov cocktails at an abandoned brickyard in South Africa [2]. Further, one of Mandela’s closest aides was the Jewish communist Joe Slovo. But despite all of that, a statue of Mandela will be placed near England’s parliament building […]

24 August, 2007

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It will be released next week: [Here] Meanwhile, why not read about the landmark Sinai II agreement, which was also about Israel: [Here]

24 August, 2007

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Women’s suffrage? How about “men’s suffering”? Giving women the right to vote was a horrible idea. For example, without the female vote, Bill Clinton wouldn’t have won the 1996 presidential election: [Article] Goodman mentioned as being Jewish: [Here] More about women’s suffrage: [Here]

23 August, 2007

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Will this book be sold in Israel? Or only in Europe? [Article]

23 August, 2007

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Is Syria located anywhere near America? Didn’t Lieberman also suggest, just two months ago, that the U.S. should consider attacking Iran? Is Iran located anywhere near America? [1]: [Article] [1] about Lieberman, re: attacking Iran: [Here]

23 August, 2007

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It’s called “Freedom’s Watch.” The group’s leader is Jewish, as are some of the other top members. Questions: whose freedom do they refer to in the group’s name? Has anyone in this group read the Mearsheimer and Walt report? [1][2][3][4]: [Article] [1] about Blakeman: [Here] [2] about Sembler: [Here] [3] about Brooks: [Here] [4] the […]

22 August, 2007

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It had a limited appeal from the start, and that appeal faded over time as people became bored with it. Interestingly, one of the rap music industry’s “founders” was not black but Jewish [1]: [Article] [1] about Rick Rubin: [Here]

22 August, 2007

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Don’t know why yet, but here’s a guess: Jewish groups, worried that Mrs. Gardener was influencing too many “soccer moms,” had her blog removed via financial or political pressure [1]: Her former blog: [Here] [1] a mention of Gardener: [Here]