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15 February, 2008

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More rioting by Muslim immigrants [1]: [Article]. [1] about similar rioting in France: [Here]

14 February, 2008

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Ever since Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy of books about Jews was published in the 1990s, the complaints about him/his work have come almost entirely from Jews. It’s an ongoing campaign by non-Whites directed against one truthful, White man. That’s real “hate.” [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about MacDonald’s trilogy of books: [Here] [2] Jews mentioned as being non-White: […]

14 February, 2008

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A negro states the obvious: White rule is best: [Article].

13 February, 2008

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Maybe that comparison will be a good thing after all, since the Nuremberg trials were a farce and – thanks to the internet – more and more people are finding that out. (For newbies, a quick review of Nuremberg: America teamed up with communist mass-murderers – i.e., the Soviets – to use illegal, ex post […]

12 February, 2008

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An interesting article about Jewish neoconservative Abrams. Note this important quote: “By June 2007 Abrams had convinced Abbas to attack Hamas in Gaza, a plan so badly concealed that the UN’s envoy in the region, Alvaro de Soto, reported that the U.S. was pushing ‘for a confrontation between Fatah and Hamas.’ Informed what was afoot, […]

12 February, 2008

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One divorce worth mentioning is singer Paul McCartney’s. His soon-to-be-ex-wife may get up to 60 million pounds from the former Beatle [1]. Why so much? Modern divorce laws favor women more than they should. Worse, divorcing today is easy, thanks to something that was created in 1917 by the Bolsheviks and adopted later on by […]

11 February, 2008

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It seems that Gibson isn’t worthy of an award due to his prior remarks about Jews. But notice that Judaism itself is racism, and it predates Christianity [1]. Why is a rabbi living in Ireland, anyway – a Western country full of Catholics? An interesting fact: after television arrived in Ireland in 1961, the power […]

10 February, 2008

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by Luke O’Farrell: [Here].

10 February, 2008

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France has ratified the new EU treaty. Of importance here is that the people did not approve the treaty – in fact, French voters rejected the treaty in 2005 [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the French rejection of the 2005 EU treaty: [Here] [2] global government was pioneered by Jews, e.g., Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, the […]

9 February, 2008

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The German occupation of France was mild and uneventful for most Frenchmen. Le Pen was found guilty anyway: [Article].