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10 February, 2007

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by Max Hadden Griffin on Tyranny in America Staunch anti-Communist G. Edward (Ed) Griffin describes in this clip from 1968 how tyranny comes in many forms and is imposed by Jewish Marxists and Communists via smear tactics and economic pressures for those who don’t toe the party line (political correctness) just as surely as if […]

5 January, 2007

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[From reader] Why is this movie banned by Jews? Yet they put tons of movies and programs on TV to make Christianity look bad. Notice how the media regularly broadcasts movies bashing Christianity? That’s supposed to be fine, but never show anything bad about Judaism. That sounds a little biased against Christianity.Christians are regularly attacked […]

15 December, 2006

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By Max Hadden Hitler speaks at the NSDAP rally in 1933 (1 of 2) The much maligned Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, addresses (with English subtitles) two groups of party members in the 1933 Nuremberg National Socialist rally “Victory of Faith”. Note: Each rally had a name, for example, the 1934 rally was titled “Triumph […]

10 December, 2006

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What is a nigger? Still don’t get it? Ok, one last time for you special-needs nigger incomprehenders.. NOW DO YOU GET IT? THEY AINT US. THEY AINT HUMAN.

15 November, 2006

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by Max Hadden Leon Degrelle on Germany’s economy, Poland Belgian Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle discusses the opinion of famous Brits on Hitler, the mass media hate campaign against Germany, the Third Reich economy, and the Danzig problem.

24 October, 2006

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Number of different videos of nigger-on-human and nog-nog attacks… Burger King Bradford Jacking Shankings (really fucking nasty) “Cracka” gets beatdown (GKKO approved loxism) Killing Ice fight Bus stop

24 October, 2006

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5 October, 2006

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52-minute documentary written and directed by Daniel Schweitzer (2005) The most interesting part of this film concerns Russian skins. The report claims they number 50,000 and enjoy popular support. It credits them with the assassination of Nikolai Girenko, one of these ‘human rights’ hypocrites whose main speciality was advising courts to lock White men in […]

3 October, 2006

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Alex, Please ask folks to rate the videos 3 to 5 stars. Danke! -Max Leon Degrelle on Waffen SS, Hitler General Leon Degrelle provides a Belgian’s perspective on the all-volunteer Waffen SS and Hitler. Tony Martin on the Slave Trade Professor Tony Martin discusses the Jewish role in the African slave trade.

15 September, 2006

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[Well done, and quite funny and true – like all cowards, Fox implies what it hasn’t the guts to say. All the reward, without all that nasty risk.] Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Look at the Use of the Question Mark