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11 June, 2006

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8 June, 2006

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Craig “Chain” Cobb interviews Steve Rowland of UK’s National Front, in London, England. Watch via the VNN Screening Room. Direct download recommended National_Front.mp4 (97 MB): right click & save as. Requires Quicktime Geoff Beck releases the latest installment of The Truth is No Defense, Dictatorship or Democracy?: gbttind1848k.mp3 (7 MB).

7 June, 2006

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The original cast returns: Alex, Agis, Chain and Stan. Direct MP3 download (55 MB): Direct MP3 download Podcast: Streaming & Archives: here

29 May, 2006

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The Hawthorne Report returns for another installment. Direct mp3 download: thr025300648k.mp3 Podcast: Archives: here

16 May, 2006

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The Truth is No Defense welcomes Bill White of the National Socialist Movement for a special 65 minute interview. Direct MP3 download: gbttind1648k.mp3 Podcast: Archives: here Forum: here

16 May, 2006

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The roundtable returns: Alex, Agis and Stan discuss the persecution of Whites speaking freely on the Internet, U.S. tips Mexico to Minuteman locations, Chicago highschool teacher blogs on nogs, TNB, Duke rape update and Berlin exhibition. Direct mp3 download (37 MB): gf3248k.mp3 16k streaming for slow connections: gf3216k.mp3 Podcast: Archives: here

7 April, 2006

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by Geoff Beck Pest Control and 500 Years of the Mestizo Menace Read or listen through this link.

5 April, 2006

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Link:  NOTE: You access our media, including Goyfire, under “Pages” to the right, click VNN Media Index.

3 April, 2006

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3+ hours taped Monday afternoon, will be up before the week is out. Topics include mexi-invasion, Mearsheimer and Walt study, AIPAC, Amren’s treatment of Duke, “Vrba”-“Rosenberg,” Fraser LTE prosecution in Australia, alleged gang rape at Duke, eclipse fears in Nigeria, Paradise Lost and Zimbabwe.

21 March, 2006

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[This creature, dimes to donuts is a twink, is paid by Hambone University to teach Whites to hate themselves. He objects to our posting a link to his Little Shop o’ Loxism. Not sorry, Paul. Loxists must be exposed, along with their evil agenda. Note that CafePress has no problem with “cracker” items, but won’t […]