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19 March, 2015

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This type of beautiful bronze sculpture (above) was common in living rooms in American and European households circa 1925, but you rarely see it today. Now, you see various cheesy, plastic junk made in China (e.g., an artificial flower arrangement, complete with a plastic vase!).

22 March, 2013

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The American Classical Music Hall of Fame & Museum (formerly the Hamilton County Memorial Building), located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The building was completed in 1908.

10 March, 2012

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(Click on the image to enlarge it) This stuff takes you back to a time and a place: just before the French Revolution, when “human equality” was still unknown. Fragonard was almost executed by the equalists, until another equalist, the artist J.L. David, stepped in and saved him. Looking at Fragonard’s work, it has such […]

19 March, 2011

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Jews hate White beauty because, as a people, they’re ugly. They’re often physically slight, with stooped shoulders and skinny legs – in other words, they look wimpy. Many Jews have big ears and big noses, which gives them a rodent-like appearance. [Article].