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10 January, 2009

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by John Young. “Here, then, is the reality that I want you to understand. Our birth rate is so low that, if things don’t change, within 250 years we’ll cease to exist. In practical terms, considering interracial marriage and the sort of treatment European-derived people usually receive at the hands of non-white governments, it will […]

24 November, 2008

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An interview on Radio Free Mississippi: (an mp3 audio file): [Here]. Dr. MacDonald’s blog is [Here]. His website is [Here].

23 September, 2008

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by Michael W. Masters. “The loss of racial identity in the Western world is symptomatic of a deeper crisis within the European peoples, whose culture and technology have provided the world with much of what we know today as modern civilization. At its core, the crisis is the inevitable consequence of a profound, and perhaps […]

4 May, 2008

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Our culture – the greatest in human history – is dying off, largely due to feminism and birth control. Young women are choosing careers over kids [1]. But another problem is that men are failing to lead. They have become sissies. In too many families, women “wear the pants.” Of course, the feminist movement is […]

5 October, 2006

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52-minute documentary written and directed by Daniel Schweitzer (2005) The most interesting part of this film concerns Russian skins. The report claims they number 50,000 and enjoy popular support. It credits them with the assassination of Nikolai Girenko, one of these ‘human rights’ hypocrites whose main speciality was advising courts to lock White men in […]