27 March, 2006

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[by Michael Hoffmann]

Purimfest, 2006

March 14, 2006–Other than in some equatorial banana republic, where else could an image like this one be seen, than in Israeli occupied territory? An Israeli tank blitzkrieging a Palestinian jail, for no reason other than to display Israel’s barbaric might and rub the nose of the Palestinians deeper into the ground of their humiliation and occupation, in the hope that the Palestinian victims will retaliate and strike back with armed resistance, which the western media will then play up to Israeli advantage.

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27 March, 2006

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[A reader writes..]

Guilt-tripping whitey

While never mentioning black crime. Or that whites are justified in their distrust of blacks. Or that this nation was based on race. Or that our “privileges” arises from our innate superiority. Or that we whites produced the technology on which the whole world depends. Or, that our societies are so manifestly superior that all third world savages are stealing their way into every Western culture.

Why would they do that if the society we whites built wasn’t better?

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27 March, 2006

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Encino man faces prison for ‘Seinfeld’-like scam

Posted on 03/26/2006 8:32:01 AM PST by Cagey
An Encino man pleaded guilty to running a recycling scheme straight out of a “Seinfeld” episode – one that bilked California out of $2.5 million, authorities said Wednesday.

Errol Segal, 61, president of Active Recycling, trucked more than 50 million cans and bottles into California from neighboring states and Mexico, then falsified records to bill the state for the California Redemption Value. The company also billed the state for more than 10 million bogus bottles.

27 March, 2006

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The average brain size in Northern and Central Europe is 1,320cc and in southeast Europe it is 1,312cc.

Among Europeans…

lynnbrainsize.gif BRITAIN and France have experienced long periods of conflict and rivalry but now victory in one area can be claimed: Britons are more intelligent than the French.

A new European league of IQ scores has ranked the British in eighth place, well above the French, who were 19th. According to Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster, Britons have an average IQ of 100. The French scored 94. But it is not all good news. Top of the table were the Germans, with an IQ of 107. The British were also beaten by the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

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27 March, 2006

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The Savitri Devi Archive is pleased to announce the publication of And Time Rolls On: The Savitri Devi Interviews, edited by R.G. Fowler, in a limited edition of 200 clothbound copies. For more information, please visit:


27 March, 2006

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New DVD – The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled

(You may need to click on this link to see embedded links, picture, etc.)

(Note: I am scheduled to be interviewed live by Michael Collins Piper at 7:00 PM EST [6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MST, 4:00 PM PST] February 27th. You can listen to this live online at the Republic Broadcasting Network -  – or on Shortwave Radio 5.050.)

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26 March, 2006

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Jew Mercer (Israeli, S. African, Canadian, American … and Jew evermore …)

However you slice it, the half-baked folderol that is “The Israeli Lobby” isn’t “scholarship.” Scholarship appeals to evidence and reason. Theirs is a randomly yoked together bit of pamphleteering in the postmodern tradition – its authors don’t reason or argue. Instead, they propagandize …

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26 March, 2006

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Morning, Alex.

I came across this  ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,189110,00.html ) on FOX this morning. I wondered what was happening as I drove through LA on I-5 yesterday. Now I know. When I saw the Mexcrement flags being flown from overpasses all along my route, I expressed my hearty displeasure with the Mono-Digit Salute. Good thing there wasn’t a cop around, I’d probably be arrested for ‘Racial Insensitivity’. The only ‘Diversity’ I wish to embrace is  my choice of .38 Special, .357 Magnum, or .45 ACP.
Enough for now,


26 March, 2006

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[Samuel Jared Taylor claims HALF the AmRent attendees at his recent conference were jews.]

Republicanizing the Race Card

Max Blumenthal

It would have been like any ordinary Saturday afternoon at the Dulles Hyatt. Inside the lobby of the sterile suburban Northern Virginia hotel, a gray-haired man busied himself at a baby grand piano, filling the room with the sound of schmaltzy jazz standards. Traveling businessmen sat around chatting, puffing cigars, drinking cocktails and chortling at one another’s quips. In the corner a woman cradled a sleeping baby. It would have been like any Saturday at the Hyatt, except for the obvious plainclothes cops guarding the hotel’s entrances, the employees forbidden by management from speaking to lurking reporters and the presence, in a hallway, of the beaming white supremacist David Duke, surrounded by a gaggle of admirers.

“The Jewish supremacists not only want to control Israel, they want to control America, Europe and the whole world,” Duke announced to a dozen men who crowded around to hear his every word. “The best thing we can do is expose Jewish influence. Then one day the world will rise up, people will fill the streets and call general strikes–just like in Europe.”

[He’s got the problem right. The general strikes part is fanciful, as the model he has in mind requires millions in funding and sympathetic media coverage; i.e., Soros + NYT = “democratic” revolution.]

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26 March, 2006

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