31 March, 2006

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Interesting view from libertarian on the ground in Belarus…

Demintern Minsk Diary Part II
Posted by Daniel McAdams at 10:43 PM

As promised, I have reflected further on my recent trip to Belarus to assess the pre-election climate and the technical conduct of the elections. My conclusions and analysis can be found here.

In Belarus, there is apparently no honor among thieves, as they say. The opposition, paid millions by the West to subvert their nation’s electoral process and foment an extra-juridical revolution, has in a way admirably “taken the money and ran.” Take that, Uncle Sam!

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31 March, 2006

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[Sitcoms degrade nations, perhaps more than anything, as they are watched night-in, night-out by large numbers. They teach, or the jews who teach spellbound Aryans through attractive Aryan actors, that sex and money are the only motivations, and your husband/wife/child will turn on you the instant turning gratifies one of these drives.]

In order to be conquered …

Nations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, their allegiance to their leaders is fanatical, and what they usually call their “spiritual integrity” cannot be violated by duress.

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31 March, 2006

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[We’re the second state to join the Israeli union, hey add a star, throw a party. What arrogance. Look from jew to American to jew, you can hardly see the difference any longer. We don’t like who people vote for, so we stop speaking to them? Is that the way to conduct foreign policy, or is that simply the directions from headquarters.

What ever happened to leaving others alone as as viable foreign policy? The jews denounce those who mind their own business as isolationists, but when has the U.S. been more isolated than today? When more hated – and justifiably? What will be left of the U.S. when the jews are done with it?]

US bans meetings with Hamas

By Sharmila Devi in Ramallah, West Bank

The US administration banned its officials on Wednesday night from meeting the Islamist group Hamas, as the new Palestinian government was sworn in and while Israel’s centrist Kadima party opened talks to form a coalition after winning the largest number of seats in Knesset elections.

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31 March, 2006

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Jews took over the academy. They let in lots of fags and feminists, and coloreds who didn’t know which end of the pencil to pick their nose with. They made normal white men uncomfortable through their sneers and queered curriculum. Now people wonder why men aren’t interested in college.

No hint of all this in the following story. As in everything else, from comic strip to country music song to sitcom utterance the woman is always right. It was tired and wrong thirty years ago, but it will persist until the jew has wrung the last drop of advantage from it.

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30 March, 2006

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Do they teach anything but Holocaust in so-called school these days?

Do parents ever ask why their kids are subjected to jewish lies?

Let the vermicious yids teach lies to their own larvae in their own mounds. Time for separation of gasogoguery and state.

star.jpg School’s ‘Holocaust’ Experiment Upsets Parents

Dad: Son Cried Over Becoming Jew For Day

Several parents in Apopka, Fla., are upset over a surprise school “Holocaust” project that some say tormented children, according to a Local 6 News report.

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30 March, 2006

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[Let’s face the truth. There are only two kinds of people in this world – jews and terrorists. Which are you?

If you speak against the jews, if you oppose their agenda, you become a “hater,” a “terrorist,” a “Nazi.” Doesn’t matter you’ve served them for decades, that you’re a pacifist like Zundel, you’ll be denounced in a shrieking second by the usual lineup of loxist Hebrews & baseball annies, aka the ashkenazi appeasers.

The jew is the very embodiment of hypocrisy. He leaps here and there shrieking, always shrieking, “democracy,” “tolerance,” and “rights.” But look at how the governments under his thumb act: they bomb, literally bomb, opposing media. They do all they can to outlaw media that don’t toe their line. They freeze assets, they bomb buildings, they start smear campaigns, they threaten advertisers, they murder journalists. These are not our allies, these are the people known as “us” to the rest of the world! No wonder we are hated! The rest of the world names and fights the jew; we cower before it, and allow it to perpetrate all manner of nastiness in our name.

Oh, but “we” are democrats. “They” are terrorists. Doesn’t matter what we or they do, the side of the jews is always the side of the angels, and anybody or media source saying otherwise should have its assets frozen and stolen, its reporters beat up, its propagating facilities bombed to rubble.]

CLIFFORD D. MAY: Turning off terrorist television

Scripps Howard News Service

Last Updated 9:21 am PST Wednesday, March 29, 2006

(SH) – Slowly and with difficulty, America’s military is learning to fight the armed conflicts of the 21st century. Slowly and with difficulty, we also are learning to fight a modern war of ideas.

A battle was won last week when the U.S. Treasury Department designated Hezbollah’s al Manar satellite television operation as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist organization. By prohibiting transactions between U.S. entities and al Manar, and freezing any assets al Manar may have in the U.S., this designation gives the government the tools it needs to cripple al Manar’s internationally broadcast incitements to terrorism.

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30 March, 2006

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[This is a couple years old, but there are some points I wanted to make.]

Stop Writing Me About the Jews

[Notice Reed doesn’t say extremist wacko-nuts give new meaning to kookery, he says DONT WRITE ME ABOUT JEWS.]

by Fred Reed

From time to time I write about the cloacal morality of the media as they go about wrecking civilization and annoying hell out of me. For rhetorical convenience I use “New York” and “Hollywood” as a sort of abbreviation for the news racket and the screen trades.

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29 March, 2006

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[Hard to spot against the background of native nigger ordure, but, surprisingly enough, adding a bunch of low-rent niggers hasn’t improved Houston.]

Katrina Evacuees Wear Out Stay in Houston

ASSOCIATED PRESSHOUSTON (AP) -Seven months after taking in about 200,000 Louisiana residents left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians aren’t feeling so hospitable anymore.

Many people in the nation’s fourth-largest city complain that the influx has led to more murders and gang violence, long lines at health clinics and bus stops, and fights and greater overcrowding in the schools. Some of those claims are debatable, but the sentiment is real.

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29 March, 2006

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[Neuhaus chose jews over his own people, and has made quite a career of his treason.]

Without a Doubt

by Damon Linker

Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversy, and the Splendor of Truth

By Richard John Neuhaus
(Basic Books, 272 pp., $25)
Click here to purchase the book.


Liberal modernity exasperates traditional religion. It fosters a pluralism that denies any one faith the power to organize the whole of social life. It teaches that public authorities must submit to the consent of those over whom they aspire to rule, thereby undermining the legitimacy of all forms of absolutism. It employs the systematic skepticism of the scientific method to settle important questions of public policy. It encourages the growth of the capitalist marketplace, which unleashes human appetites and gives individuals the freedom to choose among an ever-expanding range of ways to satisfy them.

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29 March, 2006

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[Neither izzy nor muzzy are welcome in White society. Let the sand scum battle it out in Southwestern Asia and leave us out of it. Juden Raus! Und take the muzzies you let in with you…]

Death of the West

There will be massive unemployment, and tens of millions of people will feel angry, scared and humiliated, betrayed by the system, by society and by their own democratic leaders. This is a situation in some ways similar to the Great Depression that led to the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s.

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