29 July, 2006

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[Four posts made at Sunlit Heights while we were down…]

Mencken’s Never-Realized Plans 

The Enslaved Germans

N.B. Forrest Tutors Gene Lyons

David Horowitz and …
29 July, 2006

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[VNN was down for reasons explained below in both my interview with Peter Schaenk and the press release. As you can see, our main is now back up, and our forum should be back online in the next couple of days.]

Alex Linder on Shank Talk Worldwide, 7/27/06

28 July 2006

Q. When will VNN return to normal?

We expect to be back up in blog format in the next 24 hours (by the end of July 28). Should it take longer, we will update this static html page with fresh news and editorial. Keep checking!

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29 July, 2006

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Both VNN and Sunlit Heights are back online, the forum as well as our media content remain offline but are scheduled to return. Much work remains, but first VNN thanks our many friends and those tireless few struggling to make our return possible.

Stay tuned.

26 July, 2006

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AmeriKwa and Israel, as befits great democracies, do everything they can to keep competing views off the air.  First they bomb, then they label the victim ‘terrorist.’ Everything you need to know will be broadcast on Fox, the Good Channel.

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24 July, 2006

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(Newer posts below).

Moderator Note: Due the explosive growth in listenership we are now uploading this episode of Goyfire to a 3rd party server. When the upload and setup are complete we will post a link to the alternate download location.

Alternate mp3 download location:

http://rapidshare.de/files/26980965/gf3548k.mp3.html or http://www.sskiweb.com/gf/gf3548k.mp3

Alex Linder, Agis, Chain, and Geoff Beck discuss: Lebanon, speech censorship attempts by EU and ADL, Chelsea Brooks, the white girl impregnated/murdered by nigger monster(s), NPR on KKK in Colorado, toenail mites and how to get rid of them (or at least fight them to a draw), cheese – lower duodenum.s best friend?, call for team of writers to help build Sunlit Heights, and it all starts with a rich, ripe laugh at Dick Gregory, the celebrated monkey from Missouri, bearing warnings manganese (pronouce as though mang were Italian sauce), and our president bushy, canting chummily to the niggers duly sedated, pantsed, chaired by the jews offering technical expertise, still, to the NAACP.

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24 July, 2006

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by Fred Reed

A Modest Proposal To Abolish Universities

About Time

I think it is time to close the universities, and perhaps prosecute the professoriat under the RICO act as a corrupt and racketeering-influenced organization. Universities these days have the moral character of electronic churches, and as little educational value. They are an embarrassment to civilization.

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24 July, 2006

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How they see us abroad…

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24 July, 2006

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Dear Raja,

You keep on sending your messages from Lebanon, many of which are items of information we would not get from any other source. I’m sure all your friends world-wide wish you well and hope you and your family keep safe during the further outbreak of Jewish barbarism against your nation. I’m circulating this to a few people who might be interested in being added to your list.

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24 July, 2006

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[Reader writes…]

I am in medicine. We are having a training session, on wednesday, with Homeland Security,Fema,South Carolina Emergency Operations Center and County Officials about Management of Flu Pandemic. As you all know, when a government entity starts paying attention to something it is way past time to prepare for whatever it is.

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24 July, 2006

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A perilous excursion into the distant past, starting seven whole weeks ago

Hezbollah, Hamas and [The State of] Israel: Everything You Need To Know


As the tv networks give unlimited airtime to Israel’s apologists, the message rolls out that no nation, least of all Israel, can permit bombardment or armed incursion across its borders without retaliation.

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