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29 November, 2010

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Jewish activist/toilet paper mogul Sol Weinbergwitz says: “It isn’t much of a leap to go from ‘I don’t buy the official 9/11 story’ to ‘Israel was involved with 9/11.’ That’s really what some of them think.” (Yep, that’s what some of them think. Why is that?). [Article].

29 November, 2010

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The Fantasticks (United Artists Films, 1995, starring Jean Louisa Kelly and Joe McIntyre). This musical about a mysterious carnival was originally an off-Broadway play, which first premiered in 1960, with music by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones. So impressed was I with the music and singing in The Fantasticks that I can almost (repeat: almost) […]

29 November, 2010

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by Arch Stanton. Jews are angry about a German history exhibit featuring a bust of Hitler that laughs every time it hears the word “Holocaust.” Said one visitor to the exhibit, “It’s really creepy. When you stand in front of the bust and say ‘holocaust,’ a deep, hollow laugh seems to come from out of […]

28 November, 2010

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Post whatever you want…

28 November, 2010

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Bullshit. Big business is a culture-wrecker, too, but it doesn’t do it as fast as Marxism or socialism. Recall Benson’s words about big, international capitalism. (That’s not meant to impugn small capitalism, which is important to Western culture): [Article].

27 November, 2010

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Just as you wouldn’t give your car keys to a 12-year-old, you shouldn’t give land to negroes. But here’s the important part: why is “land reform” (i.e., Whites being forced to surrender their land to Blacks) happening in South Africa in the first place? [Article].

26 November, 2010

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Well, this isn’t good for PR. But fear not, because even if a Jew isn’t a Holo-suhvivah, he can still be counted as a Holo-suhvivah! [1]: [Article]. [1] according to the Jews, even if one of them didn’t actually live under Nazi occupation, he can still be a “Holocaust survivor,” e.g., a Jew who lived […]

25 November, 2010

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Located on “international” (!) land in New York City, the UN pushes cultural Marxism onto the American public. Strangely, American leaders allow that pushing to continue, decade after decade. The Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky wrote the UN charter. (NATO came from the UN charter). [Article].

24 November, 2010

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There were 3 million Jews living in Europe before World War II. After the war, there were 10 million Holocaust survivors living in Europe, 18 million of whom were Jews. (That’s called “Jewish math”). [Article].

24 November, 2010

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “And television is not the only medium through which Judaeo-American “culture” has penetrated Europe. Indeed, one sees familiar American advertising slogans, in English, on about half the storefronts and billboards in the larger German cities, just as one sees graffiti in English scrawled on walls and in subway cars. This […]