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19 March, 2017

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Thanks to high divorce rates fueled by feminism (“career women”) and the broken homes that follow [1][2], job outsourcing, and the over-regulation of small businesses, which often causes them to fail, the White middle class is vanishing; the federal government played key roles in those things listed. [Article]. . [1] the divorce rate in the […]

12 September, 2011

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(Above: David Ricardo) Not only does “free trade” eliminate White jobs in America (via outsourcing), but it aids the non-White world by improving living conditions in countries like Mexico, Pakistan and Vietnam. Free trade is also good for big U.S. corporations. They can make their goods in Mexico for far less money than they can […]

21 June, 2011

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Bye-bye, mom-and-pop store with a few White employees. Hello, corporate retailer with at least a dozen non-White, non-local employees. (At least you’ll be able to buy batteries real cheap). [Article].

10 March, 2011

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(above: the fasces symbol on a U.S. dime, circa 1930) Waxing philosophical here, for the benefit of the usual target audience (newbies): Fascism – in this case, National Socialism – is probably the only thing that will save Western culture [1]. That’s not true, you say? Well, how can a region preserve its racial heritage […]

28 November, 2010

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Bullshit. Big business is a culture-wrecker, too, but it doesn’t do it as fast as Marxism or socialism. Recall Benson’s words about big, international capitalism. (That’s not meant to impugn small capitalism, which is important to Western culture): [Article].

25 September, 2009

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Yeah, ok, Buchanan isn’t one of us; however, this provides a handy excuse to mention free trade: it’s free to erase your job, free to wreck your culture, and it has Jewish roots [1]: [Article]. [1] Karl Marx himself favored free trade: “In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is […]

31 January, 2009

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It looks like more “equality” has come to the American workplace. But how and why? According to the U.S. government, almost all businesses are involved in “interstate commerce,” which means that the government can regulate those businesses – for example, the federal government can dictate how much money employees are paid. Even if the businesses […]

20 September, 2008

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by Patrick J. Buchanan. Note his mention of the “global economy.” Maybe Americans will rethink the idea of unchecked globalism now? Of course, Buchanan could have mentioned that Jews have led the movements to globalize American finance and trade. A great example of that is the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, which was engineered by […]

27 January, 2008

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“Even the briefest survey of the forces which are shaping the history of the twentieth century, creating social and political conditions correctly described by Spengler as ‘anarchy become a habit,’ would be incomplete without a closer look at the relationship of those supposed mighty opposites: Capitalism and Communism. The key to the riddle is the […]

27 October, 2007

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Labor unions – as we know them today, at least – probably wouldn’t exist if not for two Jewish labor activists: Samuel Gompers (1850-1924) and Sidney Hillman (1887-1946). Those men could be called the “architects” of organized labor in America. Other powerful, Jewish labor figures were David Dubinsky (1892-1982) and Jackie Presser (1926-1988) [1]. About […]