2 July, 2013

State Priorities These Days

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Seen on the TV: California game wardens expressing great concern about the poaching of abalone (a type of shellfish found in the ocean). Apparently, large amounts of time and money are spent by the state’s Fish and Game agency to try to stop the poachers, lest the abalone disappear from California waters. Yet, at the same time, White people are quickly disappearing from California via being pushed out by invading Mexicans (i.e., the Mexican invasion causes “White flight” to neighboring states like Nevada). Is the state of California doing anything to stop the Mexican invasion and stop the White flight? Nope. In fact, there are many “sanctuary cities” in California which harbor illegal Mexican immigrants. So, it seems that the state of California cares more about shellfish than about White people.

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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nothing will done by the courts, and the police do not want to know or care about this.

      The savages have been doing their savage thing in the USFS property, Abalone, and every other creature these S.E. Asian savage desire will not be protected.

      No more than Whites will.