6 April, 2017


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Interesting video about women competing with other women: [Video]. Another video [Here].

The Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement as a type of “substitute government” (instead of the government censoring your speech, the SJWs censor your speech): [Video].

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      No, Diana. Nobody wants to rape you. Hardy har har.
      She’s not attractive, sorry to notice. Might make me a ‘naval gazer’, but oh well.

      Just as is said of the radical man hating feminist vids–same can be said of her. She is appeasing a certain type of viewer, and she has nothing good to say about women.

      When this kind of stuff is phrased that way ‘Women are…’ It’s no different than feminists declaring ‘All men are rapists’–the very kind of thing she’s making fun of in her intro.

      The title of the first vid is the typical venom that makes White Women’s hearts sink when they see it. ‘Women are’ followed by something disgusting.

      All Women are not naval gazers. Some men are naval gazers.
      ‘The View’ is a good example of retarded, celebrity obsessed, naval gazing females.
      ‘Duck Dynasty’ is a good example of retarded, Jesus and Duck obsessed naval gazing males.

      The second vid was a bit more interesting, re separating secular from mystical. Same as the SJW lingo vid, somewhat interesting topic.

      But she is against traditional marriage gender roles. She has nothing uplifting to say about-or to-White Women.

      It’s one thing to warn men about certain kinds of Women, and societal things happening to men. Same as warning Women about traits in men–but how many vids entitled ‘Women are Greedy and Retarded Scumbags’ does anyone think a sane White Woman (or Man for that matter) is going to watch?

      It would be like expecting White Men to watch vid after vid, done by feminists, pointing out the absolute worst traits in men. The Narcissists, the Homer Simpson types, the rapists. No rational man wants to watch vid after vid denigrating men.

      And that’s the prob-there’s no balance with this.

      Sorry, Diana, but all Wimmun are not gazing at their navels. Same as all men aren’t rapists.

    2. Wuf Says:

      Another example of a really nasty Jew spewing forth poison on any unsuspecting young mind. Turning men against women and women against men. It’s pathetic and abhorrent and a perfect example of how Jews try and turn Gentiles, anglo saxons – normally bright people into morons. If your smart enough to see 911 was a controlled demolition and read Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Adams and realise the Jews control America and most of the world they then peddle flat earth or its Aliens – never jewish bankers of course. Always pointing some place else. But its always the Jews. They constantly cause infighting with they dirty trick and how easy most of us continue to fall for it. It really is time we got street wise. The Jews don’t want us to have our own country anymore. Mass migration, pathetic trade deals. All to wipe out the the White Europeans who have given the world and Jews every modern convenience.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Wuf: I’m confused: do you mean the videos are “Jewish”? Feminism turned women against men decades ago. Feminism, like most Jewish movements, is bullshit posing as “facts.” Like “women don’t need men.” Actually, women DO NEED MEN. They need each other.

    4. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Socrates: I can’t speak for Wuf-but my interpretation of what he’s saying is that he thinks she’s a Jewish shill, trying to promote woman hatin’, just as feminists promote man hatin’.

      I don’t know that she’s Jewish, but agree with the latter.

      Women who aren’t feminists know they need, and like, men.
      Men watching conjecture that ‘all women are morons’ doesn’t sound like they think they ‘need’ said ‘morons.’