10 August, 2019

More Race Baloney from Liberal Politicians

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“Systemic racism is a white problem” — Pete Buttigieg.

Here we go again. What about “the system” in many places such as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or Santa Ana, CA? In those places, “the system” is Brown or Black, not White. But regardless, ethnocentrism (a.k.a. racism) is more common among Browns and Blacks, who are raised on it from birth (e.g., parents telling their kids “White people hate you,” etc.) [1]. In the White community, racism has nearly vanished, thanks to decades of multicultural propaganda pushed by the schools, the media and Hollywood. And the Jews are the most ethnocentric of all humans; indeed, Judaism is a racist creed posing as a religion; Jews were the first people to claim racial superiority (“the chosen”!) in their official doctrines and in their day-to-day lives; read about Judaism’s halakhic/Talmudic laws [2].



[1] “In general, blacks and other minorities have much stronger explicit ethnic identities than whites do.” — research paper “Psychology and White Ethnocentrism” by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Quarterly, Winter 2006/2007

[2] the halakhic religious laws are strictly followed by orthodox Jews; those laws compare non-Jews to dogs and farm animals and they allow Jews to cheat, and steal from, non-Jews

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      -Trump speaks like a ‘White Nationalist’, but is he just being a politician?