28 November, 2019

WWII Veteran Says: Young People Need to Know What Happened. He’s Right

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(Above: the Jew, Harry Dexter White, a U.S. government official [and secret Soviet agent] who deliberately sunk peace efforts between America and Japan in late 1941)

Yes, I agree completely! Young people need to know what happened regarding World War II. So when are they going to be told the truth about WWII? Anytime soon? When will they be told that one ethnic group (Jews) pushed America into WWII? Even JFK’s father (Ambassador Joe Kennedy) said that Jews created WWII [1]. When will young people be told that, despite the fact that WWII was not originally America’s fight, our nation was nonetheless shoved into that war by a handful of powerful Jews, e.g., Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Harry Dexter White, Felix Frankfurter, Benjamin V. Cohen and Oscar Sydney Cox; about the only man involved in pushing America into war who wasn’t a Jew was President Roosevelt’s right-hand man, and secret Soviet spy, Harry Hopkins. But Hopkins, a pal of Joe Stalin, was married to a Jew.



[1] “Chamberlain, he (Ambassador Joe Kennedy) says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.” — The Forrestal Diaries, 27 December 1945. Note that WWII began when England declared war on Germany in Sept. 1939. “America” here means “the many Jews surrounding Roosevelt” and of course Roosevelt himself.

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Quote https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Chinas-…39_Pky70J33f3k Response: Yes. China has wisely blocked the mass immigration of prolific low-IQ groups from the Third World. In contrast, in 1965, the treasonous United States Congress passed a law clearly calculated to force it on us while curtailing immigration from “smarter” nations, especially immigration by indigenous Europeans. So the solution is obvious: toss the law, reverse the inflow, and arrest the traitors. As for the thesis that East Asians are “smarter than” Whites in particular, this has never been proven and in all likelihood won’t be. There are several reasons for this. The average intelligence of a group does not necessarily correspond to the frequency or profundity of genius within it, important indicators of population intelligence. Supporting IQ statistics are culturally skewed – White culture and education are being deliberately undermined, whereas this is not happening in China. Cultural / educational sabotage is likely to interfere with childhood mental development and disrupt beneficial breeding patterns. There are questions about how certain statistics have been gathered and classified. (For example, who qualifies as “White”? How is the Chinese population being sampled?) Even if Chinese were shown to have a mean IQ modestly higher than Whites, this would only point to the deficiency of IQ as a measure of intelligence. Specifically, it would imply that IQ as currently measured is somehow overlooking the crucial aspects of intelligence that allowed Whites to build modern high-tech civilization without help from China or for that matter anyone else. Unquote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZnDfHlTCw0 Quote These collegiate mini-morons (Rutgers, NJ, USA) have been methodically pumped so full of anti-American disinformation that they don’t know whether to spit or go blind. Almost nothing they believe is actually true, and truth is that from which they flee like spotlit sewer rats. This, we are told, is the future – a bunch of pampered little academically gaslighted idiots who obediently run around regurgitating the lies for which they have gone into debt, hating themselves, their nation, and all that is good and righteous with the tedious uniformity of ideological lemmings. Make no mistake, these are cheerleaders for our destruction, representing no asset whatsoever. unquote https://culturewars.com/news/sidney-rittenberg-china