9 March, 2020

On Leftist “Equality” Excesses (Which are Somehow Not Warned About. Why Not?)

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(We hear every day about the dangers of “right-wing racism” but we never hear about the dangers of “left-wing human equality baloney” which, historically speaking, has been far more murderous and oppressive. Just recently, citizens have had to eat mice and bugs in order to survive in Zimbabwe and North Korea. This is what communism leads to: misery and starvation. Some more random thoughts about Marxism, as long as I’m typing this: 1) all leftists — male or female, old or young — are “female-brained teenagers”; this makes Marxism much more dangerous than either fascism or capitalism since it’s by nature immature and emotion-based; therefore its nearly impossible to reason with a Marxist; 2) by default, Marxism attracts angry people who hate the world and who delight in “tearing down the existing order” whatever that order may be; this is why Marxism should be universally banned by law; 3) there should be far more female Marxists than male Marxists, globally speaking, since Marxism is a levelling [i.e., equalizing] movement and women love equality and “fairness”; the reason that’s not true is probably due to women being less interested in politics on the whole and women being less rebellious by nature):

“We know the left can go too far. The Soviets taught us that. The Maoists and the Khmer Rouge taught us that. The North Koreans, and the Cubans, and the Venezuelans continue to teach us in the same manner. We don’t know when and where the “going too far” begins. But I’m willing to stake my claim on the equity doctrine [1]. In a word, it’s inexcusable, both morally and practically. It should be roundly rejected (at whatever reasonable personal cost that might be incurred) by anyone who takes the idea of the excessive left seriously, who is concerned in any genuine sense with the increasingly destructive polarization of our political discourse, and who wants to stand up and be counted when the radicals come knocking — or pounding — at the door.”Dr. Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, on the dangerous idea of human equality. Never mind that human equality is impossible. It cannot be created since humans are biological beings who vary greatly by IQ, ability, personality, appearance, etc. Even genetic cloning would not produce genuine human equality (it would be ridiculously impractical).


[1] clarification: “equity” vs. “equality” is a “potato/potahto” situation; practicing the doctrine of “equity” = giving every human, regardless of his circumstances in life, the leg up that he might need to be equal to the next person in society. Bottom line: practicing “equity” and practicing “equality” ultimately means the same thing since each has the exact same goal: to produce a society where all humans are equal. In other words, a Marxist society where everyone is equally miserable, such as Cuba. Ironically, communism wasn’t even meant to work. It was meant to destroy the Western world. It’s a weapon.

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