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8 July, 2012

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Austrian man: “I don’t understand it. My 23-year-old son was healthy. How could he suddenly die? He followed Dr. Suzie Pinkpanties’ medical advice to the letter.” Yeah, that’s why he died, doofus. If women and muds were “equal” to White men, they wouldn’t need special rules and mandates to make them equal. [Article].

30 March, 2012

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Jews and leftists can’t just oppose something, they must destroy it. Why? Because Jews and leftists are children in adult bodies. In fact, Dr. MacDonald once noted that Jews – like children – react to things more emotionally than Whites do. The fact is that Hitler’s parents had nothing to do with Nazism or fascism. […]

20 May, 2009

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Gadzooks. If hitting a Jew is like hitting God, then banning a Jew is like banning God. Oy veh! [Article].

7 November, 2008

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Tell the truth, get into a scandal: [Article].

11 October, 2008

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The timing and the circumstances of this accident are curious. Haider was gaining politically (his new party “Alliance for Austria’s Future” did well in the September 2008 election), and he was traveling alone: [Article].

29 September, 2008

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The far-right will make big political gains during the next decade as non-White immigrants flood into Europe: [Article]. About Israel and the Austrian election: [Article].

26 September, 2008

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But it isn’t “legit.” Only Jewish nationalism is legit: [Article].

11 January, 2007

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Mr Linder: Your readers will find this report on Mr Irving’s imprisonment to be of interest. You should post it prominently. Donald E. Pauly Zionist Rastafarian ============ Imprisonment in Austria FOR a week I was held in Jakomini jail, one of two prisons in Graz, southern Austria. One, Karlau, is well-spoken of by veteran prisoners […]