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26 October, 2014

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Having a pop culture isn’t the same thing as having a real culture. A real culture lasts for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, unchanged and traditional, whereas a pop culture is a series of immediate nothings manufactured by the media and Hollywood, a parade of trends and fads designed to distract and corrupt. […]

3 October, 2014

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Race doesn’t matter, we are told every day by the media, by Hollywood and by the public schools. So what’s the problem with having a mixed-race baby? Isn’t diversity wonderful and beautiful? Of course it is. So there’s no problem here. Enjoy your mixed-race baby. In fact, add a few more to your household! [Article].

27 June, 2014

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Sadly, Oldman has since apologized to the Jews for his rant. (They always apologize upon reflection. Even Brando did). What sort of country do you live in when, if you tell the truth, you have to apologize? It should be, if you tell a lie, you have to apologize. This is what the Jews have […]

21 April, 2014

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It’s early 2014, but already there have been several films in the movie theaters about Nazis: “The Monuments Men,” “Stalingrad” and now there’s a new one, “Walking With the Enemy.” And there are more such movies to come this year. Jewish Hollywood’s favorite sport is Nazi-bashing. [Article].

7 April, 2014

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Often, when Hollywood remakes a movie, the previously White characters become non-White. Do you remember the 1968 horror movie “Rosemary’s Baby,” starring Mia Farrow? Rosemary was a White woman who was forced to give birth to Satan’s child. Well, now there’s a new version of Rosemary’s Baby, a TV miniseries due this summer. The new […]

9 February, 2014

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Its theme (the apocalypse via a zombie invasion) is “heavy” enough to get right-wing survivalist types to watch it, yet, at the same time, it’s multicultural enough to convince many of those viewers that race really doesn’t matter. Clever! [Website].

12 January, 2014

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Oh, the controversy. Unfortunately, in many households today, women wear the man-pants, which is why the West isn’t western anymore. [Article].

10 January, 2014

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Trying to score points with the big, Jewish studio bosses, are we? But thank God Mr. Disney knew about the Jews – knew that they were a race of swindlers and con-artists who roamed the earth getting kicked out of every country they entered until they managed to get their own country, Israel, through deceit […]

4 January, 2014

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Today’s movies can be summed up as follows: 2 hours of people saying “fuck” and “shit.” Isn’t that entertaining. Even women say those words now. But what can you expect when Jews, not Whites, run Hollywood? [1]. By the way, speaking of Jews, the original, real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” was a Jew. Similarly, most […]

30 June, 2013

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Re: universalism: a lot of it or even most of it came from Christianity, which came from Jews, so that means that there are at least two ways in which Jews have helped to upset the White apple cart [1][2]. Note also that Rand was a Jew. (I had never heard of Abraham Maslow until […]