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6 September, 2020

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OMG! Donald Trump could end up being another Hitler! A dictator! Fascism! Nazism! OMG! Better vote for Joe “Where Am I?” Biden and that bossy, Brown-ish chick who is running with him…what’s her name? [Article].

1 October, 2019

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The New York Times, which has been Jewish-owned-and-controlled since 1896 when Adolph Simon Ochs took control of it, is called “America’s newspaper of record” since many nationwide newspaper articles originate from it [1]. Both Purnell and Stahly-Butts, the authors of the controversial NYT op-ed, are Black. Two news quotes about the op-ed are here: “I […]

8 June, 2019

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Oh, that’s funny, and not at all comparable. In early times, “owning land” (as a legal concept) was not known among Brown/Black people in the world. They didn’t have “borders.” Take, for example, the “Native Americans.” Most of them were wanderers, moving from summer to winter camps. Most didn’t stay in one place. And as […]

13 October, 2017

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The West is a White region (e.g., the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.). White people, and by default White nationalism, created the Western world. Okay? Okay. But now, we are being told that White nationalism is instead a threat to the West. Huh??? What??? (According to internet searches, the author of […]

23 July, 2016

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What an incredible statement from the NY Times: under Donald Trump’s leadership, the American dream would be reserved “primarily” for Americans. A shocker, itz! The American dream wouldn’t be reserved for Vietnamese or Chinese or Guatemalans or Kenyans! Scandalous! What would America’s White founders think? (Newbies, if America was supposed to be a racial “melting […]

25 January, 2015

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A country can either evolve and change slowly over a long period of time, or, it can be quickly changed by a cultural revolution brought about by certain powerful people, like America was. It only took probably 400 well-connected Jews in the media, Hollywood, universities, politics and banking to wreck America with immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, […]

16 December, 2014

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I already knew that the American newspaper reporter Herbert Matthews almost single-handedly turned the Cuban communist thug Fidel Castro into a hero, into a world-famous “Robin Hood of Latin America.” But I didn’t know that Matthews was at least half-Jewish: “Matthews was born and raised in New York City’s affluent Riverside Drive in the Upper […]

2 July, 2010

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Three guesses as to which newspaper started that – and no peeking beforehand! [Article].

12 June, 2009

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by Christopher Donovan. (Trivia: back in 1940, the Jewish manager of the New York Times, Julius Ochs Adler, was largely responsible – due to his meddling – for the start of the peace-time military draft. Why did the military need a draft in mid-1940 if America wasn’t at war until late 1941? Perhaps Adler knew […]

11 April, 2007

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By Alex Linder The jews producing the New York Times won’t breathe a word about the vicious double-slaying of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. But there is a murder in Tennessee they do care about — and have already printed a long report on: the Winkler murder. Indeed, it’s already all over the national cable […]