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17 September, 2021

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This is about natural law. It is no longer followed in America. In place of natural law is something called “positive law.” It’s liberal law. Under positive law, laws exist/are made based solely on whether Congress, or a state legislature, or a court, thinks the laws are legitimate laws. Whether they are moral or reasonable, […]

8 August, 2019

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In the old days, all countries had natural, unquestioned sovereignty. They could make their own decisions without interference from other countries or other outsiders. But today, globalist entities are trying to tell countries what they can, and can’t, do [1]. First of all, that’s just morally wrong. International government violates sovereignty and is therefore illegal. […]

1 June, 2014

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The Jews always say that “Israel has a right to exist.” Based on what? Based on nothing. Jews are a bunch of genetically-defective, paranoid troublemakers who have caused nothing but trouble for the world. White people, on the other hand, gave the world to mankind. Every idea or invention of note (e.g., democracy, the automobile, […]