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7 September, 2015

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Leith, North Dakota is a “city”? That’s odd. I thought it was a tiny town of about 25 people. Anyway, what about when Orthodox Jews moved into a Midwestern town in Iowa and virtually took it over? That wasn’t called “hate coming to town,” was it? No, it wasn’t, even though Judaism is, at its […]

9 April, 2014

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The Jews have been working hard for years to free convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard. Why? Two reasons, both of them ethnic/racial: First, since Pollard is a Jew, his being in prison makes other Jews look bad. Second, and much more importantly, Jews believe that they’re superior to gentiles. In their minds, inferior animals are […]

9 April, 2012

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So sad: Jewish TV “newsman” Mike Wallace has expired. (Of course, “Wallace” wasn’t his original family surname. It was Wallik). I’ll always remember him as the guy who harangued Dr. William Pierce in a TV interview. It was a very hypocritical interview. Wallace did his best to portray Pierce as a bad man who preached […]

12 December, 2011

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[…] “The Tanya contains two noteworthy ideas: First, an elaboration of much earlier teaching that Jews are racially superior to gentiles…” This is why the Nazis “had to” be destroyed: They were the competition. [Article].

9 November, 2007

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The Senate has quickly confirmed Mukasey as America’s new Attorney General. As we noted previously, Mukasey is an Orthodox Jew [1]: [Article]. [1] about Halakhah laws (i.e., Jewish religious laws), which are central to Orthodox Judaism: [Here]

29 October, 2007

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The Jewish community is getting more and more nervous about Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. It’s not even 2008 yet, but already Paul has a large following – especially on the internet – and he has raised some serious money as well. The Jews are worried that Paul’s message of freedom, smaller government and “isolationism” in […]