2 May, 2017

Race: Not Important, Yet All-Important, to the Liberals and Jews

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White man: “You liberals always say that race doesn’t matter.”

Liberal: “That’s right. Race doesn’t matter. There’s only one race: the human race” [1].

White man: “Well, if race doesn’t matter, then why do you care about how many Blacks are in medical school in Missouri?”

Liberal: “Uhhm, well…uhhh…hmmm…oh, stop asking questions, you intolerant White male!”

White man: “So, it matters to you that I’m White? I thought race doesn’t matter?”

Liberal: “Just be quiet, you racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, cisgender, climate-change denier!!” [2].


[1] a slogan coined by the Jew, Otto Klineberg

[2] the strange word “cisgender” (an anti-heterosexual slur) was coined by a “transsexual” (by the way, there’s no such thing as a “transsexual”)

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  7. One Response to “Race: Not Important, Yet All-Important, to the Liberals and Jews”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      I didn’t know that about the phrase ‘human race’, interesting.

      I had an exchange like this with a friend once. At one point they said to me, ” Well, we’re all just people..” And I involuntarily rolled my eyes, letting them know I beez raycis, because I do not think we are ‘all just people’–just like a shark and a goldfish are not ‘all juss fishes n sheit’, they’re very different.