1 November, 2017

It’s Time to Celebrate! Judeo-Communist Government: the 100th Anniversary, 1917-2017

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Marxism/Communism: it was a “Jewish time bomb,” designed by Karl Marx and spread by various Jews all over the earth, from Russia to America to France to South Africa. The Jewish time bomb was intended to destroy the White Western countries, especially England. But that didn’t happen. Later, other Jews (named Horkheimer, Adorno, Benjamin) picked up the “failed” Jewish time bomb, redesigned it and re-set the timer, and now the White countries are again in peril due to “Cultural Marxism.” The first Jewish time bomb didn’t work as planned, but the second one is working just fine. Look around the West. Cultural Marxism is thriving in every White country, with no end in sight: every government, every school, every workplace has Cultural Marxism in it (e.g., multiculturalism, anti-White mandates, Affirmative Action, feminism, anti-family mandates, pro-homosexual mandates, globalism, pro-immigration mandates, etc., etc., etc.).


  • 6 Responses to “It’s Time to Celebrate! Judeo-Communist Government: the 100th Anniversary, 1917-2017”

    1. Flanders Says:

      Thanks for your words introducing the article, Socrates. It helps people to understand the article you linked. The article makes much more sense and is vastly more useable.

    2. fd Says:

      So the USA allied with communist Russia to destroy Germany and keep the heritage of the famous Russian leaders alive for another 50 years.

      How many German soldiers did IKE THE KIKE starve to death in ‘open air detention camps’. Roosevelt’s army operated identical to the Red Army. Communism and Jewish Democratic Capitalism are kissing cousins.

      Our Gallant Soviet All –Roosevelt


    3. fd Says:

      typo “ally’

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      On the Anniversary of this “Revolution” ? I have to ask
      The Commies just WHO was this “Comrade Lemon ”

      And why did he want free juice for everyone?

    5. Chandala Says:

      I’ve heard it said somewhere that Marx wanted to create Talmudism for the non-Jew. He dressed it up in class warfare and historical inevitability and called it “The Communist Manifesto”, and the useful idiots bought it, and are still buying it.

      As it turned out, Communism, the “Jewish time bomb”, didn’t just discomfit White Western countries. Mao tortured and murdered 100 million Chinese before he could cram Communism down their throats. Pol Pot murdered one quarter of the population of Cambodia so he could bring the wonders of the workers paradise to the beaten and bloody survivors. And Kim Jung-Un still starves the people of North Korea to make sure that for them, Marx’s nightmare never ends.

      Although smaller in numbers, one of the greatest outrages of Communism was Stalin’s deliberate starvation of 6 million Ukrainians. He stole every grain of wheat they had to build up his military machine, the machine he was building to conquer all of Europe. An offensive military machine that even Hitler was not aware of, until too late, at which point Hitler sacrificed himself and all of Germany to dash Stalin’s dreams of conquest and to defend and save at least half of Europe by doing something he said he would never do, fight a two front war. Read Viktor Suvorov “Icebreaker” and “The Chief Culprit”.

      But still, the lies that bait the Communist trap are irresistible to the foolish.

    6. fd Says:

      141 years before the anniversary of communist Russia: “that all Men are created equal.” Sounds like cultural Marxism to me.

      The communists killed 100 million, 50 million, 6 million, etc. At some point, the numbers lose their meaning. Are the numbers accurate? What countries except responsibility for the bloodbath?

      The heavily promoted Cold War was a bonanza for the Federals. It was used as an excuse to build up the ‘military industrial complex’. As you can see in the pictures below, the Federals on the Potomac desperately tried to make Boomers 14th amendment police state citizens. But there was a production mistake. The propaganda didn’t take. By the second half of the 1960s, Boomers openly told the criminal establishment to F**k Off. They were tired of listening to stories that bragged about killing Germans and other Europeans.

      You know the government is sick when it tell kids that Russia is going to drop atomic bombs on their schools. That’s when you get the rope out.

      Crawl in silence under the desk.