14 November, 2018

Transgenderism: a Mental Illness Posing as a Civil Right

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Mental illness is the new “normal” and normal is the new abnormal. Up is now down. Day is now night. Hot is now cold. It’s “transphobic” to tell children that women have ovaries and men have testicles. The truth is, “transgender” propaganda is child abuse. It amounts to lying to, and thereby confusing, children. Note the important mention of “gender” vs. biological “sex” and how the meaning of gender was changed in order to further the “transgender” movement. And, of course, who has pioneered the “transgender” movement since circa 1910? (Jews). “Transgenderism” is Cultural Marxism, which seeks to “level” or “equalize” society in every possible way [1]. It won’t stop trying. Ever.


[1] “Political Correctness” is part of Cultural Marxism

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    1. CZ Says:

      Lying to the children of your race is a great crime. It leads to them making poor choices, making mistakes and living a delusion. People who lie to children with things like this or that ‘the races are equal’, ‘everyone is intrinsically good’, and ‘Jesus will save you’ are endangering them and wasting their time, as they are sent down a labyrinth of fantasy which wastes people’s time and denies them their true path in life.