11 August, 2020

Comments on the New, Extreme Political Left of Today

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(Note: this post does not really relate to left-wing terrorism such as the Weathermen and Antifa; terrorism is a somewhat different matter; more below)[1].

The American Left keeps getting more extreme, more demanding with each generation. Like spoiled children, leftists are never satisfied with their prior political gains (which have been very significant!). They always want more, more, more. More laws. More funding. More mandates. More equality. More fairness. (Coming next: the “free everything” movement! Free housing, free food, free land, free electricity, free cars, free pets, free this, free that! All paid for by Whitey’s taxes). Will leftists ever be satisfied? No. Not as long as White men exist. The equalizing/leveling movements (feminism, anti-racism, “gay rights”) are ultimately anti-White, anti-male movements.


America first had the Old Left (circa 1920s-1950s), which was mostly concerned about labor issues (laws, unions, wages, etc.), not race. Then came the New Left (circa 1964-onward) birthed by the Jew, Herbert Marcuse. It was more radical, more college-based, and more concerned about race, feminism, “gay rights,” etc. And now, we have the New, Extreme Left (my term, birthed, it seems, circa 2012 during the Obama era). The New, Extreme Left (hereafter the NEL) is not satisfied with the “weak” gains made by the prior New Left regarding race, racism and sexual issues in America. The NEL is more radical, more impatient and more freaky than the prior Left [2]. It sees the prior gains of the New Left as ineffective and as “convenient political posturing.” Even before Trump Derangement Syndrome (which is real), the Left was becoming more extreme and demanding, e.g., private bakeries were being sued and harassed because they wouldn’t make “gay” wedding cakes (in 2012); also, the Left began voicing more-negative views about capitalism and more-positive views about socialism; it also began making more-frequent demands for slavery reparations. The NEL wants more regarding race and sexual issues (such as “transgender” mandates). Much more: more anti-racism laws and mandates, more environmentalism/green Marxism, more Cultural Marxism in general [3][4][5]. And the NEL is willing to use more-extreme measures to get what it wants, e.g., publicly harassing White people over their “racism,” doxxing them, committing/publicizing fake “hate crimes” almost monthly, and canceling peoples’ internet websites and social-media accounts (these are brazen free-speech violations). Further, today’s Left sees nothing wrong with giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens (which is a public-safety hazard), or letting them vote (that’s vote fraud) or attend college (at in-state tuition rates no less!).


[1] however, as one essay noted, “History shows that liberals need radicals. We need radicals because drastic change against entrenched evil and concentrated power requires personal bravery to the point of obsession.” — “The Dance of Liberals and Radicals” by Robert Kuttner, https://prospect.org, March 17, 2015.

[2] in the past 20 years, many “conservative” Democrats have left the Democratic Party due to its liberal bent — in Arizona, an entire, extended family quit the party at once

[3] one top NEL politician wanted to retrofit all of America’s big cities with “green” technology, a truly impossible feat costing many billions of dollars; further, Dr. James Watson, a distinguished, world-famous scientist, was professionally blacklisted due to “racism” claims by the Left. In 2018, Watson made comments on race that were fact-based and true, but his reputation was forever damaged nonetheless.

[4] re: “freaky”: many NEL people are queer or “transgender” and have mental problems.

[5] The Obama administration pushed “global warming/climate change” mandates hard. But president Trump later reversed them. Obama was very liberal and he ushered in the “nanny state” with his radical Obamacare health plan

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