9 August, 2020

Jerry Abbott on Human Equality and Merit

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“Justice requires equality before the law, which is an instance of equality of opportunity. It isn’t an equality of outcome. Opportunity is justly offered to all on equal terms. That doesn’t mean that everyone will be equally able to meet those terms. Some people will have more ability, more relevant merit, than other people do. When the law treats all persons equally, their life outcomes, their degrees of success, are always unequal. When outcomes are equalized, it always means that the law is unjust, favoring some people above others.”

“The races of humanity aren’t each others’ equals. Racial quality and racial equity (what is usually meant by “social justice”) are in conflict with each other. You can’t have one without sacrificing the other. If we go with quality, we reach the stars. If we go with equity, then we will see the tide recede in the evolution of life on Earth.”


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