8 November, 2020

Yes, the Monolithic Media, As I Said Before

Posted by Socrates in Biden, Cultural Marxism, elections, equality, equalocracy, feminism, feminization of the West, human equality, media, media control, media criticism, media culture, Socrates, Trump at 10:16 am | Permanent Link

Seen on Fox News: Shannon Bream happily chirping that Joe “Where’s My Brain”? Biden has won the election and Kamala Harris has broken the glass ceiling by becoming the first female vice-president and also becoming the first vice-president of color. Yaaay!! Get out the champagne! Human equality is finally here! (Sadly for the media, Biden cannot become president, due to his stunted brain, and Harris will never be vice-president once Donald Trump gets done with all of his investigations and lawsuits over the election; in fact, the Supreme Court may order a new election). (Furthermore, is Harris really “of color”? She’s like, 1/4 Black with some Indian thrown in).

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