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24 May, 2008

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This is a good topic for new readers, especially with a presidential election coming up in November. America wasn’t regularly called a “democracy” until F.D. Roosevelt – with help from his heavily-Jewish staff – began tossing the word around in the 1930s [1]. Before that time, democracy was generally considered to be a bad thing […]

19 January, 2008

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As author William G. Simpson asked, “which way, Western man?” [1]: [Article]. [1] Simpson: [Here]

13 January, 2008

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The results of New Hampshire’s primary election are being questioned by both Democrats and Republicans. (It will be interesting to see how that might affect the Michigan primary on January 15th and the South Carolina primaries on January 19th [for Republicans] and January 26th [for Democrats]): [Article].

1 December, 2007

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“Feminism and Demoralization of the Military”: [Here]. “Feminism and the Happiness Gap”: [Here]. “Who’s Left for Vital Role of ‘Wife’?”: [Here]. More information about feminism: [Here].

17 September, 2007

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Hillary Clinton has another universal health care plan. Women naturally like the idea of “universal” this or “universal” that, since most of them embrace equality. What a coincidence: Marxists also embrace equality. Hillary’s plan: [Here]. Much can be said about what happens when women become involved in politics. Professor Lott says it well: [Here]. More […]

21 August, 2007

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What, equalocracy doesn’t work well with neoconservative tactics? If that’s the case, then it’s funny because it was the Jews who championed democracy as the best form of government for all of the White countries. America’s founders rejected equalocracy and created a republic instead. Indeed, our founders never used the word “democracy” to describe America. […]