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17 July, 2021

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(Above: Jesus). A top scientist once said (paraphrasing): “there have been more insane things done, or good things not done, in the name of Christianity than in any other thing.” Yep. Like a White family in America adopting 10 Black children from Haiti! Yes, it has happened! “Jesus told us to!” If he did, then […]

22 February, 2021

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by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. “At 2.1 billion people, Christianity is the largest religion on Earth. And yet, not a fraction of a percent of these people understand even the basic facts of their own so-called religion. If they did, they would be utterly appalled. Their entire religion is a fraud; it is based in Jewish […]

3 June, 2020

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Now it’s really, really, really suspicious: the George Floyd riots have spread to France, Netherlands and Australia. Funny: I didn’t know that Minneapolis was in, or near, France. Isn’t multicultural democracy wonderful?? Yay! More rights for negroes! Yay! Give them more rights and more power (thereby making them more arrogant and uppity)! Yeah! Diversity! Alright! […]