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24 July, 2008

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It began 60 years ago. How are you going to “celebrate” the anniversary of it? By the way, a Jewess named Anna M. Rosenberg was a key player in that desegregation project: [Article].

22 July, 2008

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This time in Australia. No word yet if the schools will be required to teach students about the first holocaust: [Article]. Holocaust nonsense: [Here]. Holocaust humor: [Here].

20 July, 2008

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What will God’s Pets demand payment for next month? You can be sure that they’re considering many options – perhaps they’ll demand cash from America for “not bombing enough German cities” during World War II. Meanwhile, White people haven’t gotten a dime of payment from organized Jewry for the Jewish assault on Western culture, which […]

25 May, 2008

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by Eustace Mullins. “Ask any American college graduate – ‘What is the greatest evil which has ever existed upon this earth?’ He will reply very promptly, and energetically, ‘Nazism!’ He gives this answer because it is what he has been taught. In fact, it is all he has been taught, and it is the sole […]

8 April, 2008

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Good idea, but such a movement must, of course, exclude Jews. (Speaking of the self-chosen, notice the mention of them in this article and how Fjordman would support their struggle against a Muslim jihad. What about the jihad that the Jews have been committing against the West for the past 200 years ever since they […]

4 April, 2008

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WWII was great for the Jews: it wiped out tens of millions of White people, it crushed Hitler’s brilliant money system [1] and it made anti-Semitism/racism taboo. Newbies, take note: Only The Jew Won World War Two: [Article]. [1] “All my inquiry into the matter has left me very certain that the primary issue, over […]

28 March, 2008

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The guy who wrote TV and movie treatments of the Nuremberg tribunal, and the guy who invented the real tribunal, were both Jews. (Note: Raphael Lemkin, mentioned in the second article, was also a Jew. Nuremberg was a total fraud, of course, as even Eisenhower’s brother Edgar admitted).

9 March, 2008

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Blacks used to fear Whites. Now they shove them around – or kill them. You can thank the “civil rights” movement for the new, bolder negroes. And don’t forget: civil rights is Jewish tyranny in blackface: [Article].

29 November, 2007

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The Jews gave Deutschland a good milking, though: $38 billion since the 1950s. Of course, the Jews were largely responsible for their situation under Hitler – did they really have to declare “war” on Germany? After all, Hitler had only been in office for a month-and-a-half. How much oppression could they have experienced? [1]: [Article]. […]

11 November, 2007

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McCarthy was a good fellow, but he didn’t really understand the Jewish forces that conspired against him. Some of those Jewish forces were right next to him, e.g., attorney Roy Cohn [1]: [Article]. [1] more about Cohn and the downfall of McCarthy: [Here]