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15 January, 2015

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The Jews moan about being nearly genocided by the Nazis, yet, they are people who committed genocide many times. In fact, they still believe in genocide, as proven by their nation-wrecking tactics in the Western countries and their treatment of the Palestinians: “The treatment of the peoples displaced by the Israelites following the departure from […]

24 December, 2014

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I read about a famous singer who married a Jewess. He converted to Judaism. I also recall a blonde fashion model who married a Jew. She converted to Judaism. Ditto a businesswoman who married a Jewish businessman: she converted to Judaism. The point here? I’ve never seen an instance where, when a Christian and a […]

8 December, 2014

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A Japanese newspaper apologizes for running an “anti-Semitic” ad. Everyone must apologize to the Jews. But have you ever seen a Jew apologize to anyone for anything? Nope. Jews are the “chosen people of God.” [1]. They don’t have to apologize. [Article]. [1] the “chosen people” concept makes Jews the world’s first official racists, i.e., […]

16 August, 2014

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When Nazis kill people, that’s evil. When the Israelis kill people, that’s just fine – in fact, the killings are sanctioned by God himself since the Jews are His “chosen people.” Even innocent gentiles may be killed by the Israelis [1]. This is the Jewish mentality; what sort of people believe that killing innocent civilians […]

19 June, 2014

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(Above: Eugen Dühring) […] “He (Dühring) considered the Jews to be characterised primarily by self-interest and this self-interest has coloured all of the commercial dealings of the times with its “glorification of cheating, and, in general, the entire celebration of the handsome strategem of cunning exploitation”. Their socio-political strategy has always been a despotical one […]

17 June, 2014

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It’s funny how White nationalists are called “haters” by the Jews. The truth is: Jews were the first people in history to officially and publicly claim that they’re superior to all other humans (they’re the “chosen people of God”), and, they also claim that gentiles (non-Jews) are “like animals.” Jews are the original bigots. Anyway, […]

9 April, 2014

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The Jews have been working hard for years to free convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard. Why? Two reasons, both of them ethnic/racial: First, since Pollard is a Jew, his being in prison makes other Jews look bad. Second, and much more importantly, Jews believe that they’re superior to gentiles. In their minds, inferior animals are […]

22 December, 2013

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Alex has been talking about the dangers of Christianity to White people at the VNN Forum, and really, I should talk more about it, too. (Mostly, I talk about Jews). Some of the people at the forum still think that Christianity is good for Whites. But actually, Christianity is bad for Whites. For example, […]

27 November, 2013

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] …”Captain Goldstein (a Jew) entered a mosque in Hebron and murdered 29 Muslims who were kneeling in prayer, shooting them in the back with his army assault rifle…There was a huge funeral procession for Goldstein, and the Israeli army provided a guard of honor at his grave. Jewish children wore […]

15 September, 2013

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I think it needs to be stressed to newbies that Jews are not just a “faith,” as Mr. Irving said. They are instead a race/ethnic group related by DNA, i.e., you are a Jew by blood [1][2]. [1] gentiles can convert to the “religion” of Judaism, but Orthodox Jews do not consider religious converts to […]