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21 February, 2007

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Mr Linder: Here is a most interesting post that should be on VNN. DEP Gary Bontlebiase Said, February 21, 2007 @ 12:29 am About fifteen years ago I told a female friend (I thought she was) that she was making a big mistake marrying a man who was not a Negro, but a dark […]

19 February, 2007

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[From Kirksville Today…] February 19, 2007 @ 2:41 pm · Filed under Uncategorized · Edit Scene: Wal-mart Time: noon on a Monday Your reporter is in line, waiting to check out a small purchase. Ahead of him is a middle-aged woman. No ring on her finger. Trying to use her WIC checks to buy some […]

1 December, 2006

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Unexamined Assumptions Do you think our noble reporteress Heather Hubbs has ever questioned the assumption that spending more money on “education” equals better student performance? People or Gerbils? What kind of nob do you have to be to get up before dawn to wait outside a Wal-Mart? Any TSU Students Want to Hazard a Guess… […]

14 November, 2006

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[plus details on recent stabbings; also, don’t miss at least one college response to anti-Hannah posts on different thread] WE HEAR… …the bar behind Toons (now called Coyotes) will be made into a queer bar called Rainbow Club, opening very soon. That makes one big building full of diversity, spreading crime and disease, all for […]

2 November, 2006

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Merle Schillie Linder, 96, of Kirksville, Missouri, died Thursday (October 26, 2006) at the Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville. She was born December 13, 1909 at the family farm about two miles northeast of Pure Air, Missouri, on the site of the old Baden Springs resort. She was the daughter of Charlie and Nettie […]

30 October, 2006

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Perhaps you think I exaggerate in saying I do not recommend a college education. Consider this posting from “Hannah” on Kirksville Today: I find this article ridiculous and racist. First of all, it’s true; the statistics show that racial diversity determines crime rates, but let’s not forget that cops tend to seek out those race-bound […]

26 October, 2006

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Just as we predicted… In less than one year, one tiny Missouri town, over 90% White, has seen its local diversity fauna commit rapes, murders, stabbings, and even a half-assed drive-by. Diversity crocks! Article.

20 September, 2006

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TSU Book Sale a Hit September 20, 2006 @ 10:48 am · Filed under About Town, Truman State University, bookstores · Edit Not a huge sale, but a decent one, very well attended, as it is west of the library on campus. Lots of magazines, and the usual mix of volumes. Woman working the desk […]

15 September, 2006

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Near-Illiterate Liberal Pushes ‘Responsibility’ at Cost of Readers’ Safety September 15, 2006 @ 12:21 pm · Filed under Kirksville Daily Express, Greg Orear, illiteracy, crime, Larry Freels, diversity · Edit Below is a Between The Lines on Greg Orear’s recent editorial regarding the rapes, snatchings, shootings in our non-urban area… [No link to original because […]

25 August, 2006

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Iowa Man Convicted for “Threatening” Judge August 25, 2006 @ 11:42 am · Filed under crime · Edit Judges are treated as a class above the law.  They are free to follow or not follow the written law in making their decisions, but should anybody resent their Diktats in any but the very mildest, lawyer-formulated […]