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5 October, 2006

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52-minute documentary written and directed by Daniel Schweitzer (2005) The most interesting part of this film concerns Russian skins. The report claims they number 50,000 and enjoy popular support. It credits them with the assassination of Nikolai Girenko, one of these ‘human rights’ hypocrites whose main speciality was advising courts to lock White men in […]

27 September, 2006

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Alex, I recently purchased a $3 VHS copy of the “cult classic” They Live. When I looked at the box I found the following teaser (and howler) on the cover:

20 September, 2006

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13 September, 2006

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Fox buries a new movie from Beavis & Butt-head creator Mike Judge, a self-avowed social conservative. Is his vision of dumbed-out AmeriKwa a little to close to the bone for jewish execs? Is this another example of jews foregoing profit for politics? Then why produce the movie in the first place? Judge for yourself, but […]

5 September, 2006

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Great novel, now made into movie with Sean Penn in lead. (Forties urmake.) The story’s about Huey Long, who was assassinated by a jew. Here on Gerald L.K. Smith, who believed that FDR had Long assassinated (PDF). Good overview of Long here. Some interesting stuff about jews in America, especially in colonial times. Here for […]

30 August, 2006

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This is the four-hour complete version of “One Third Of The Holocaust.”  Click the play button below the photographed text at site and it will immediately play– no download wait.

28 August, 2006

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A truly inspiring song, no matter what the producing jew intended. From “Cabaret”… See the way Germans are portrayed as pigs, vicious pigs, needing only an emotional prod to become warlike, begin grunting, and looking about for jews to gas! Note the subtle way the director keeps the frame on the face of the blond […]

21 July, 2006

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“The Eternal Jew” and Why It Still Matters Today The Nazi-produced film “The Eternal Jew” [1940] is a black-and-white documentary which is often grainy/sort of unfocused, and which has an “old” feel and appearance to it in general. But nonetheless, it is also a film which is still important today. In fact, it should be […]

24 March, 2006

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[Dirty Debbie on the latest celluloid outrage from McNigget.] Spike Lee’s Bigoted Obsessions @ a Theater Near You By Debbie Schlussel Ronald Reagan feting David Duke in the Oval Office. Abraham Lincoln running around in Black face. Jews being governed by a government department for Semitic affairs. Spike Lee’s obsessions with race and ethnicity never […]

19 March, 2006

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Hollywood’s True Agenda Mel Gibson and the Culture War by James Jaeger With all the media publicity and controversy surrounding Mel Gibson’s movie, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, one of the most significant issues of all has been obfuscated or dropped out entirely. This issue can be stated with the following question: How has Mel […]