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5 December, 2008

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Adolf “launched” WWII? When did that happen? Britain stupidly declared war, with a lame excuse about defending a country that everyone in Europe hated, i.e., Poland [1]: [Article]. [1] Poland mentioned as a hated country: See journalist Donald Day’s book “Onward Christian Soldiers,” p. 63. Day called Poland a “miserable country” which was “unable to […]

20 August, 2008

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This isn’t a conservative deal. It’s a neoconservative deal. (Trivia: the Polish foreign minister who signed the agreement, Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski, is married to an American-born Jewish journalist): [Article].

14 August, 2008

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An important part of the neoconservative plan for a New World Order, this American missile system has angered Russia, especially since Russia isn’t a NATO member while Poland and the U.S. are. Neoconservatism = Trotskyism with a suit and briefcase: same Jewish aggression, same global aims, but updated out of necessity. The fact that some […]

28 November, 2007

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Elderly ex-Nazis are always prosecuted, or at least deported, for past crimes – even if they didn’t commit any. Yet elderly Jews always manage to escape punishment. (A better-known example of that is Salomon Morel) [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about Morel: [Here] [2] about communism in Poland: [Here]

12 June, 2007

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What exactly is behind the Jewish obsession with doo-doo? What sort of people crap in beds and sinks? In fact, it has been suggested by some gentiles that Jews, as an ethnic group, are mentally ill, and there seems to be at least some evidence to support that theory, e.g., their self-worship, their indifference to […]

28 April, 2007

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“Homophobia” is an interesting word. It means that a non-homosexual is afraid of homosexuals – which usually isn’t true, no matter how repulsive a straight person might find an ass-burglar. And guess who coined the word “homophobia?” [1] [1] the word “homophobia”:

10 October, 2006

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In the year 1683 a huge army of savages from Ottoman Empire ( more than half a million ) approached Vienna. Here they met a much smaller army – a Polish army with the help of German army under the leadership of Polish king Sobieski. Europeans beat the hell out of Turks, beating them mercilessly. […]