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22 January, 2008

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World War III draws nearer as the West adopts neoconservative strategy. Thanks to that Jewish ideology, the West is on a collision course with the Muslim world and the safety of the White countries is compromised as a result. Neoconservatism is an aggressive philosophy that is as much of a threat to world peace as […]

22 January, 2008

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Sounds great, but who will fight the Judaization of Europe, which caused that Islamization in the first place? [1]: [Article]. [1] Jewish organizations have led the movement to weaken immigration laws in the Western countries, e.g., America’s Hart-Celler Act of 1965

21 January, 2008

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The large file on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s handler and speechwriter, the Jewish communist Stanley Levison. So close was Levison to King that he not only told King when to respond to his critics, but how to respond as well [1][2]: [Here]. [1] more about Levison: [Here] [2] a photo of Levison with King (left […]

21 January, 2008

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The “Real ID” card – which is a de facto federal ID card – may soon include biometric information such as a fingerprint or an eye scan, and will be compatible with facial image recognition systems [1]. “Real ID” is part of the war on Israel’s enemies, also called the “war on terror”: [Article]. [1] […]

20 January, 2008

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They can no longer sell cheesy items in Vatican City. It seems appropriate that the Jews could ply their trade with permission in St. Peter’s Square, especially after Vatican II [1][2]: [Article]. [1] the Second Vatican Council, aka Vatican II (1962-1965) produced the infamous Nostra Aetate declaration, in which the Catholic church absolved the Jews […]

19 January, 2008

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This will energize his supporters and help to establish him as a serious candidate in the minds of mainstream Americans: [Caucuses results].

19 January, 2008

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As author William G. Simpson asked, “which way, Western man?” [1]: [Article]. [1] Simpson: [Here]

18 January, 2008

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What’s the real reason that the Jews pursue 90-year-old former Nazis all over the globe? Is it because the Jews simply want justice? Nope. It’s because the Jews are not only the money people, they’re also the revenge people. “How dare gentiles persecute God’s chosen people,” the Jew says to himself, truly believing that his […]

17 January, 2008

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“Song to the Moon,” from Dvorak’s 1901 opera “Rusalka.” It is found in several modern movies, including “Bicentennial Man” (1999), starring Robin Williams. (Rock-n-roll fans: listen to it a few times before dismissing it as “old folks” music): Video: [Here].

17 January, 2008

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So much for the First Amendment. Notice that the judge is female and that the “victim” is an Ethiopian immigrant. Further, notice that the name-caller was, apparently, sitting in his car preparing to drive off when the name-calling occurred. How did that amount to “harassment,” when the definition of “harass” is “to irritate or torment […]