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7 November, 2013

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If you’ve ever traveled in Northern Mexico, you’ve seen it: trash tossed everywhere. On the side of the road, on the sides of buildings, nearly everywhere you look, there’s trash of some type. As America fills up with Mexicans and other riff-raff, it’s beginning to look like a Turd-World country. [Article].

24 September, 2013

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It’s an even better idea to import millions of them into your country! White aid has been giving African negroes a “leg up” for decades, but the entire world will pay for it later. By the way, helping the Africans goes against Darwinian natural selection/survival of the fittest, i.e., many of the negroes who would […]

16 October, 2012

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Why did the White guy join both the neo-Nazis and the KKK? He wanted to embrace diversity, heh, heh. Anyway, weird beliefs, superstitions and customs that were once found only in the Turd World are now found in the U.S. [Article].

3 June, 2012

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Not only does internationalism make the Western world unstable [1], but it also benefits the non-White countries. For example, if not for Jewish “free trade” and international capitalism, China would still be a third-world country, instead of a global powerhouse poised to control half the world [2]. (By the way, just wait until China tries […]

21 May, 2012

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What will America be like when it’s Brown (just like UNESCO wanted it to be)? Well, picture this: more crime, more corruption (e.g., more dishonest government officials), less competency (e.g., you end up in a hospital and your Brown doctor/nurse doesn’t know what he’s/she’s doing), more disease due to Brown hygienic habits, more ethnic fighting […]

8 January, 2012

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Here’s a good point about muds that you rarely hear about. In addition to the crime they cause, they also cause lots of accidents, car or otherwise. Brownskins are naturally less cautious than Whites. They’re more likely to drive drunk, smoke a cigarette while pumping gasoline, leave a lighted candle unattended, engage in risky sex, […]

12 September, 2011

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(Above: David Ricardo) Not only does “free trade” eliminate White jobs in America (via outsourcing), but it aids the non-White world by improving living conditions in countries like Mexico, Pakistan and Vietnam. Free trade is also good for big U.S. corporations. They can make their goods in Mexico for far less money than they can […]

17 May, 2011

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Oy, veh, anti-Semitism is increasing! Just 4 years ago, the Jewish boss of IMF’s sister organization, the World Bank, faced a scandal and resigned. Now this. When, oh, when will evil gentiles stop plotting against God’s Chosen People? (By the way, the Jewish communist Harry Dexter White was the main architect of the IMF and […]

5 December, 2010

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Big Jew: “You should flood yourself with millions of third-world losers.” White Country: “Really? Why?” Big Jew: “It’ll make you stronger.” [Article].

23 November, 2010

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White man, mud people are your equals – it’s just a strange coincidence that every miserable, third-world country is a brown/black country. (If you have any doubts about that, just ask a rabbi, a Marxist or a schoolteacher): [Article].