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22 October, 2007

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Men built the space program. But now, women are assuming important roles in orbit [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] about the evolution of authority: [Here] [2] about the words “gender” and “sex” (the former is often used incorrectly and for political purposes): [Here] [3] about feminism: [Here]

8 June, 2007

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Arab men reject feminism, but the smartest White men accept it. Only in the Western countries can intelligent people be fooled by obvious Jewish propaganda [1]: [Article] [1] more about feminism: [Here]

4 June, 2007

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It’s easy to hook women up with fag friends, because women accept outsiders more readily than men do, which is why female leaders aren’t good for the West: [Article]

11 May, 2007

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It looks like the UK has the same problem that America has: uncontrolled feminism. Here’s an interesting fact: a few years ago, an Arizona fire department abolished a requirement that all firefighter recruits be able to chop a hole in a section of roof, with an axe, in “x” seconds. Why did the department abolish […]

23 August, 2006

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Have you ever considered going to germany for the women. Mein Gotte!!!!! They’re classier, better educated and much more attractive than american women. 50-60% of german women are very attractive–9+. It’s like a different universe.