24 March, 2006

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[Turns out HIV doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter. Mention this, you’re a Holocaust denier by a very, very slightly different name. The proper name for AIDS is, as we have said, Q-RID, for Queer-Related Immuno-Deficiency. The ‘AIDS’ phenomenon is essentially a political campaign to shift the cost and moral responsibility for worn-out homo-rectums onto Normal White America. The joke turns out to be on the whiffenpoof, as the pills he gulps to preserve homeostasis make his liver look like his asshole.]

Why I Quit HIV: The Aftermath

by Rebecca V. Culshaw
by Rebecca V. Culsha

I want to start with an apology. I regret that I have not been able to individually answer every email I’ve received in the wake of my essay, “Why I Quit HIV,” which recently appeared on Lew Rockwell. I am grateful for this forum, and I hope that I will be able to clear up some confusion people appear to have experienced. I’d also like to express my gratitude for the many, many positive and indeed inspirational letters I’ve received.

Now I’d like to address some common questions I received.

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24 March, 2006

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[Dirty Debbie on the latest celluloid outrage from McNigget.]

Spike Lee’s Bigoted Obsessions @ a Theater Near You

By Debbie Schlussel

Ronald Reagan feting David Duke in the Oval Office. Abraham Lincoln running around in Black face. Jews being governed by a government department for Semitic affairs.

Spike Lee’s obsessions with race and ethnicity never go away. Nor does his smug arrogance at the expense of those who are not members of his own race and ethnicity.

Today, Lee has two movies debuting in theaters, “Inside Man” and “Confederate States of America.”

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24 March, 2006

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by Stojgniev O’Donnell

Once they start the downward spiral, civilizations cannot reverse the chain of history. Once a state (or an individual) becomes consumed in its own self-righteousness, only rarely then does it correct itself. Knowing where America stands today, one can predict easily where America is going.

I suppose that, of all its negative qualities, it is America’s in-yer-face self-righteousness that most offends me. Americans are so aggravatingly self-righteous, even when it comes to espousing wildly contradictory values, for example the opposing sides of the issue of homosexuality. Whatever position they take on that issue, Americans see themselves as more moral, more decent than everyone else who doesn’t agree with them.

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23 March, 2006

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The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

A new generation of conspiracy theorists is at work on a secret history of New York’s most terrible day.

Big article in New York Mag.

22 March, 2006

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This is precisely what I’m talking about. Forming your own blog to counterpoint your local controlled media with the truth about race and jews and crime and jobs and anything else required.

A Goyfire listener writes:

A few weeks ago, you challenged folks on VNN to start their own local board to make changes on a local level. Today, I finally got www.freeportunmasked.com up and pretty soon, it will be running. It’s just up, so it ain’t pretty. But I hope to have decent content in the next few days to make an impact on this town. I hope you like it and more importantly, I hope it works.

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22 March, 2006

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[Blame this murder-in-the-next-couple-days on jews. They let niggers loose on decent white folk and called it civil rights. Nigger stick-ups are symptoms; JEWS ARE THE DISEASE.]

Zebuhr was a graduate student in the bioengineering program at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C. He was in Minneapolis with his mother to visit his sister, who lives in the area. Article.

NEWZ FLASH: Appears the attackers are Somalis.

22 March, 2006

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kim.jpg[Korea just kicked our ass in baseball, and by “our” I mean the ‘roid ‘groids representing the ‘Kwa, and now it’s making a point that might well be valid, for all we know. The miseries jewish arrogance has brought down on our head are only beginning to be felt.]

N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike U.S. First

North Korea suggested Tuesday it had the ability to launch a pre- emptive attack on the United States, according to the North’s official news agency. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the North had built atomic weapons to counter the U.S. nuclear threat.


22 March, 2006

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[Any WN who tell you CCC is pro-White are pulling your leg. These guys are semitically correct sidetrackers. Note the usual double standard. If you discuss jewish funding of our politicians purchasing foreign policy for Israel you’re “antisemitic” – if you discuss colleges accepting gifts from Arabs, you’re shrewdly following the money. How much money has Harvard accepted from jews? According to the CCCunts, only a hater would ask.]

March 21st, 2006

What’s with all this anti-Semitism being promulgated by the American college and university system, which is itself heavily Jewish?

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22 March, 2006

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Toowalk amongst yrselves.


22 March, 2006

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Good Morning from the Zundelsite :

In a letter to a friend in France, Ernst Zundel comments on the media tsunami in the wake of his Holocaust Heresy Trial. I would only like to add that here is a 66-year-old human-rights activist who has spend almost half a century demolishing the Holocaust Hoax – and now, in so-called “democratic” Germany, he is forbidden from mentioning the very word, ‘Holocaust’? He has to circumvent the dreaded term by speaking of “the topic”?

Does not that rotten system, a colony of Israel, camouflaged as a “Democracy” advertise its abject fear that way – or what ?!

Here is Ernst’s letter, edited by me:

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