13 November, 2006

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The Monday edition of VNN Free Talk Live starts at 8 PM CST / 9 EST / Midnight GMT.

Our special guest tonight is FS88.

Update: Thanks to all – FS88, James Hawthorne, David, and BanishedWarrior; show archive up soon.

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All previous FTL’s are available in the VNN media archive – for free!

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10 November, 2006

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Update: the Friday edition of VNN Free Talk Live is a wrap. Thanks to all guests and callers: Kievsky, Kike Herder, Cygnet, and North Hammer. Archives up soon.

ftl_11-10-06_p1.mp3 (18 MB)
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ftl_11-10-06_p3.mp3 (20 MB)

Shownotes, podcast and past show archives here. Note: minor microphone problems in the first hour, which clears up as show progresses.
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10 November, 2006

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Will We Be Ruled by the Facts on the Ground? In certain ways, it may hardly matter what happens to which party. By now – and this perhaps represents another kind of triumph for the Bush administration – the facts on the ground are so powerful that it would be hard for any party to know where to begin. Will we, for instance, ever be without a second Defense Department, the so-called Department of Homeland Security, now that a burgeoning $59 billion a year private “security” industry with all its interests and its herd of lobbyists in Washington has grown up around it? Not likely in any of our lifetimes. Will an ascendant Democratic Party dare put on a diet the ravenous Pentagon, which now feeds off two budgets – its regular, near-half-trillion dollar Defense budget and a regularized series of multibillion dollar “emergency” supplemental appropriations, which are now part of life on the Hill. What this means is that the defense budget is not what we wage our wars on or pay for a variety of black operations (not to speak of earmarks galore) with. Don’t bet your bottom dollar that this will get better any time soon either. In fact, I have my doubts that a Democratic Congress with a Democratic president in tow could even do something modestly small like shutting down Guantanamo, no less begin to deal with the empire of bases that undergirds our failing Outlaw Empire abroad. So, from time to time, take your eyes off what passes for politics and check out the facts on the ground. That way you’ll have a better sense of where our world is actually heading.

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10 November, 2006

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If you want to know the enemy, making your way through this list is a good way to learn how jews see think about things, and how they position themselves.


Malcolm Hoenlein
With Israel’s Gaza disengagement plan implemented, and the second stage, a unilateral withdrawal from parts of the West Bank, on indefinite hold, Malcolm Hoenlein has worked hard to rebuild the shaky unity that used to prevail among the 52 national agencies that make up the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Hoenlein, 62, is now in his 20th year as executive vice chairman of the conference. He has overcome countless challenges both at home and abroad, including differences of opinion with various Israeli governments, to maintain his position as the organized Jewish community’s senior voice on foreign affairs. In the past year, Hoenlein has effectively prodded Jewish organizations to speak out together on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, staging protests outside United Nations headquarters and pressing non-Jewish allies to stand firm. At the same time, Hoenlein and the conference were faced this year with a new kind of struggle, when Professors Walt and Mearsheimer published their indictment of the “Israel Lobby.” The Jewish community was quick to dispute the claims, but the article has managed to stir unremitting debate — one that is sure to require Hoenlein’s attention in the year to come.


10 November, 2006

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Here I am, with a very photogenic hangman’s noose and a nice sign calling for Duhbuy to “Step Down,” a pun not lost on most of the Righteous there. I didn’t take the pics for this gig, so I couldn’t get anything showing the cretinous zionist robots obviously mobilized by the ZOG for this. The quality of the opposing forcers was obvious, with about 20 IQ points favoring our side. The flaggots in the Bush-I$rael-lover camp were as stereotypical as anything portrayed in Tom Tomorrow’s “This Modern World.”

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10 November, 2006

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Exploring Eschatology and Conspiracy:

Book Review–Grace Halsell’s Forcing God’s Hand

(Apollonian, May 05)

Surely a topmost strategic priority for patriots is deactivation of the weapons and assets of our Judaic and associated enemies. And one of the real political/cultural strengths of the Jews are the Judaized so-called “Christians”–really gross heretics–who are foremost supporters of Israel, as well as George Bush, the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) led by such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (and lately getting lots of attention, such as Chuck Hagee. Grace Halsell’s book, Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray For A Quick Rapture–And Destruction Of Planet Earth, Crossroads International Publishing; Washington D.C.; 1999, 132 pages, is an outstanding and most useful informative analysis of this treasonous and heretical movement going in the name of Christianity, for these are not Christians at all.

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9 November, 2006

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20 OCT 06. Hail [ ]! […] Our motto is “No zoggie left behind,” as El Presidente says. We may as well refer to King George (Bush) II in Spanish, since he appears to favor that language. I note that all voter materials are in Spanish & English in Yakima County. I hear that all voter material must be in Mandarin & English in King County. Neither of these foreign languages is official, but they are treated as such. Perhaps I was out of the Jewnited States when they were made official by ZOG, but I suspect we are seeing another illegal fait accompli, like illegal immigrants. A civics teacher in high school pointed out the need for an “enlightened electorate,” so citizens could make intelligent decisions at the polls. Imagine if I were an illegal immigrant in Mexico: If I did not speak or read Spanish, what would I know about national issues? I could turn on the news & understand not a word, nor could I read a newspaper, if I spoke no Spanish. How could I vote, if I could not read the election instructions, nor the ballots? In fact, being an illegal immigrant, a Gringo, who wasn’t even supposed to be in Mexico, how could I vote at all? In 1960, I voted in my first U.S. election, in San Francisco. The officials who processed my registration made sure I had valid I.D. & proof of U.S, citizenship. Not so when I registered to vote in Brownest Yakima! It was a joke. I was not required to show proof of anything. I could have given the registrars any name for which I could provide an address & signature. Nor did I need to show any proof of U.S. citizenship. Had I been unable to speak English, they might have provided me with an interpreter as they do in…court proceedings, at tax-payers’ expense, of course. Non-citizens in Mexico are not allowed to vote, work, go on welfare, send their kids to schools, hospitals, or otherwise live off Mexican tax-payers’ money. If illegal aliens are discovered in Mexico, they are punished swiftly & deported, or they will wish they had been deported! I have lived & worked in Mexico, legally, so I can speak from experience. No, I did not vote, because I was not a Mexican citizen. Those racist Mexicans would not permit it, & I certainly don’t blame them. That’s why I can’t understand Gringos, even if I speak English. By the way, the Mexican equivalent of the Nazi Party, La Raza Unida (The United Race) is not deemed “racist” by the Mexicans. Only Gringos can be “racist,” & they will tell you so, just as the jews proclaim.

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9 November, 2006

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Japanese researcher sparks
controversy over African IQ

Low IQs are Africa’s curse, says lecturer
Researcher accused of promoting racist stereotype wins backing from LSE

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9 November, 2006

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Jews Move to Acquire Tribune Company
The publishing segment represented 73% of the Company’s consolidated operating revenues during the fiscal year ended December 25, 2005 (fiscal 2005). Tribune’s primary daily newspapers are the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, The Hartford Courant, The Morning Call, Daily Press, The Advocate and Greenwich Time. Tribune also owns the Chicago Cubs and the WB network, as well as other tv stations. Tribune Company appears to be about as big and non-jewy a media company as you’ll find, see board of directors. Here read jews whining about jews not giving enough…to jews. Here on Eli Broad and his foundation. Here on Ron Burkle. Broad (as in ‘road’) is called the son of Lithuanian immigrants, but he is a jew. He’s big into modern art, which usually tips kike who made it. Ron Burkle is also a jew; you may recall him from the Goyfire in which we discussed a writer jew’s attempt to extort him. Broad and Burkle make the Forbes list and are tied into the power elite on both sides, Schwarzenegger to Clinton and beyond.
8 November, 2006

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Hilarious song by Weird Al Yankovic, whose material is noticeably free of the jewish taint. That is, it isn’t mean-spirited and filled with innuendo and sneering. It’s either funny or not funny, and in this case the former. Even Burke would have to give the nod to: Why do we do it? Who can say? – It’s Weasel Stomping Day! If you think there’s anything deeper behind Christmas, you’re wrong. Traditions are founded by mavericks – men (not women) departing from tradition. That is the tradition’s paradox, which its defenders never bother to mention. The mavericks who found traditions no doubt move on to something else, bored, but the average dolt has discovered a somewhat better way, sighs happily, sinks back into his nescient rut. Why do we do it? Who can say? It’s Weasel Stomping Day! Applies to more than just stomping weasels. Why do we do it? Who can say? Itz Cut The End Off The Baby’s Penis Day! Does that hit home? There is much wrong with Burke, and anyone who advises people to rely not on their own wisdom, but on lightbulbs from Dr. Phil & Jesus or some other eminent coach. One man is dumb, says Burke, but many men are smart. No, that isn’t how it works. There’s something admirable about people thinking and acting on their own conclusions, even if they’re dumb and wrong. Something manly about it that the christian instinctively hates. But there’s nothing admirable about the worshipper, down on his knees in the Bathetic-house, waiting for Marse Jeboo to sodomize him.

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