2 November, 2006

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30 October, 2006

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Update: Short show tonight, it has been a hard week and it is just Monday! Anyway, thanks to Bud White and James Hawthorne for making it happen, all 90 minutes.

Show archive now available:

ftl_10-30-06_p1.mp3 (22 MB)
ftl_10-30-06_p2.mp3 (12 MB)

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30 October, 2006

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Perhaps you think I exaggerate in saying I do not recommend a college education.

Consider this posting from “Hannah” on Kirksville Today:

I find this article ridiculous and racist. First of all, it’s true; the statistics show that racial diversity determines crime rates, but let’s not forget that cops tend to seek out those race-bound criminals before their white counterparts. In my own hometown in Missouri, I live in an upper-middle class white neighborhood. There is little crime, and also little cop patrol. However, walk three blocks to the nearest “ghetto” and cops parade the place, capturing their criminals right and left. Of course there’s more “crime” in mixed areas, because there are more cops expecting it!

The rest of Hannah’s bizarre illogic here.

27 October, 2006

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Update: Thanks to all for a great show, show archive up soon.

The archive broadcast for last night’s show is posted:

ftl_10_27_06_p1.mp3 (13 MB)
ftl_10_27_06_p2.mp3 (15 MB)
ftl_10_27_06_p3.mp3 (17 MB)

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27 October, 2006

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Yet another exciting tale from the Electronic Zhid: I watched a very interesting profile of an Australian doctor/scientist (who’s name now escapes me) the other night. He went to Tibet and was startled to find that 13% of Tibetans are cretins, due to an iodine dearth. They went on to tell about how he set up iodized salt factories to help them out, which was of little concern – then this pretty little pearl of truth (inadvertently?) escaped the good doctor’s lips: “Due to this iodine deficiency, the average I.Q. in Tibet is 85 – which means that they’re ineducable beyond an elementary school level.”Hmm! Ya know, if memory serves, there’s another racial group far closer to home with the exact same moronic level of intelligence…….

N.B. Forrest

26 October, 2006

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Just as we predicted…

In less than one year, one tiny Missouri town, over 90% White, has seen its local diversity fauna commit rapes, murders, stabbings, and even a half-assed drive-by.

Diversity crocks!


25 October, 2006

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Direct mp3 download (84 MB): Goyfire_43.mp3

Archives, Podcast, and Streams: here

The Roundtable includes: Agis, Craig Cobb, Peter Shank, and Byron Jost.

Topics include: Topics include: Nig Serial Killer, Amerikwa Kills more Iraqis than Saddam, Man Sentenced 3 Years for Racist Comments, U.S. ready to take in 60,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal, Yids build Holohoax Temple in Nebraska!, Mud-dona Adopts a Chimp, Joan Rivers: Mel Should Die, New Anti-White Flick: Catch a Fire (Liar), jewish “White man” rapper intellectual, and race riot at fontana high.

Shownotes: below

Nig Serial Killer


Amerikwa Kills more Iraqis than Saddamn


Man Sentenced 3 Years for Racist Comments

U.S. ready to take in 60,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal

Yids build Holohoax Temple in Nebraska!

Mud-dona Adopts a Chimp

Joan Rivers: Mel Should Die

New Anti-White Flick: Catch a Fire (Liar)

jewish “White man” rapper intellectual

race riot at fontana high

25 October, 2006

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Someone sent me these pictures.

I do not know who the woman Heidi- whatever, is, but the pictures made me sick.

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25 October, 2006

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Good morning!

Resisting Defamation has been studying the issue of slander and slurring for 16 years, and one of the longest lasting and most deeply held beliefs by European Americans is that gentile, goy, and shicksha are perfectly fine labels for us.

Let’s remember that the first mark of oppression is that the Other names you, and the second mark is that you accept the Other’s name for yourself. We each have legitimate names that have grown our of our experience and development; gentile, goy, and shicksha are not part of that legitimate development.

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24 October, 2006

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The archive for yesterday’s Free Talk Live broadcast is now available. Thanks again to Lita, James, Todd, Theseus and Chain.

ftl_10_23_06_p1.mp3 (13 MB)
ftl_10_23_06_p2.mp3 (15 MB)
ftl_10_23_06_p3.mp3 (24 MB)

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