20 April, 2006

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[From Before the Deluge (Otto Friedrich, Harper & Row: New York, 1972). Friedrich seems to be a jew, certainly exhibits the standard jew biases. Nevertheless, the book’s an interesting compilation of facts and observations about Berlin in the twenties.]

…so it was with the German Youth Movement. It had begun most inconspicuously in 1896, in Steglitz, then a staid middle-class suburb just south of Berlin. There, a twenty-one-year-old youth named Hermann Hoffmann, a student a Berlin University, organized a little group dedicated to self-improvement through the practice of shorthand. When their studies finished, they would go hiking together in the nearby Grunewald Forest. Hoffmann soon faded away , off on a trip to Turkey, but ten of his associates gathered at a Steglitz tavern, drew up a constiution for their hiking society, and named themselves the Wandervögel (roughly, birds of passage). They saluted each other with the word “Heil!”

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20 April, 2006

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Usual mix of wisdom and foolishness, about Waco, from young libertarian Gregory. Big problems for Normal White America when racial tyranny ensconces itself as legitimate authority. Hard to alert people to the problem when the media supposed to keep watch on the government are in many ways the most powerful part of that tyranny. “Media is politics [sic],” as the jewish billionaire said. Media are the problem.

Government can shut down papers, true, but more often than not, papers shut down politicians. Remember Nixon and Graham discussing the jewish stranglehold on the media. “I know that, but we must never say it,” said Nixon…the president. We have a problem if the president can’t speak the truth about the jews controlling the media. That means the rest of us better pick up the load.

Papers war against normal ideas, and make wackiness ordinary. This works because most people can’t think and fear to stand against the crowd. The media propagate a false consensus. Your local “progressive” editor and the local ADL goymanager always claim they speak for the community, even though the opposite is the case.

When the interests you serve and the ideas you prosper run against the ideas and interests of 98% of the people, there’s no way for you to succeed but to control the media…and the academy…and the government…and use these controls to demonize, stigmatize, smear, and rhetorically stamp out the opposition.

The victims of your word-campaign are left open to physical predation and murder, once they’ve been dehumanized  and invalidatd. Waco was a large and impressive demonstration of who controls whom, but it was still business as usual. The government terrorizes ordinary people every day of the year.

Without media control, the jews would lose the power to frame debate. They wouldn’t be able to demonize anti-queers as homophobes, or race-factualists ‘racists,’ or jew-factualists ‘anti-Semites.’ By contrast, no jew anywhere ever is described as a hater or terrorist. To turn a Twain line, Jews are the only people who control the media – or have to. They cannot survive any chink in the Propasphere they’ve constructed because their ideas are so bizarre, and their interests so antithetical to Whites’, that the minute any fresh air and light are let in on them, they’re seen for the vampirism they are.

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18 April, 2006

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High Court annuls asylum for white S. Africans

By James Vicini
Monday, April 17, 2006; 11:19 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court overturned on Monday a ruling that federal law for political asylum in the United States covered a white South African family who faced threats from blacks angry at the racism of one of their relatives.

The high court unanimously sided with the Justice Department and ruled that a federal appeals court was wrong to decide the issue on its own, instead of sending the case back to immigration authorities for additional review.


18 April, 2006

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2 charged for Holocaust denial

News24, Johannesburg  Tuesday, 18 April 2006 / 22:26

BERLIN — German prosecutors say they have charged a German far-right activist, extradited from the United States, and a Belgian man, handed over by the Netherlands, with incitement for allegedly denying the Holocaust.

On Tuesday, prosecutors in the western city of Mannheim said Germar Rudolf and Siegfried Verbeke were accused of “systematically” denying or playing down the Nazi genocide of Europe’s Jews in documents and on the Internet, and of stirring anti-Semitic hatred.

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany. It carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment.

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18 April, 2006

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[Long Nation article about the rise of global elite bent on doing away with nations.]

The Party of Davos

Jeff Faux

The world’s movers and shakers are convening once again in January at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, the posh ski resort nestled in the Swiss Alps. Attendance is invitation-only, enforced by police barricades, razor wire and the latest high-tech military hardware to guard against terrorists, protesters and curious local citizens.

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18 April, 2006

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President names nine to Holohoax council

Bush names nine to Holocaust museum council
JTA  Tuesday, 18 April 2006

WASHINGTON — Elie Wiesel and Judy Yudof, former president
of the Conservative Judaism movement, are among nine people named to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.  Others named by President Bush to serve until January 2011  include Debra Abrams, of Florida; Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis,  of New York; Norma Lerner, of Ohio; Marvin Pomerantz, of Iowa;  Alan Neil Rechtshaffen, of New York; J. Philip Rosen, of New York;  and Bradley David Wine, of Maryland. The council oversees the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.


18 April, 2006

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25 MAR 06 Dear [X]! I am most grateful for your letter of 10 MAR 06 & your erudite enclosures which I shall copy & pass on to those who are capable of appreciating them. I’m going to peruse your excellent rendition of The Protocols, which sheds much light on that treatise. Many thanks!

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18 April, 2006

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[Bit o’ BTL on this Salon report, by jew, on Mearsheimer & Walt study…]

Is the “Israel lobby” distorting America’s Mideast policies?

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17 April, 2006

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histvio.jpg Reviewed by Rich Brooks

“A History of Violenceâ€? is one of the better films I have seen recently. Directed by Canadian jew David Cronenberg, it professes to be a strong message against violence, yet I failed to view it as such. To me it was more of a film noir crime mystery which raised serious issues about personal identity and the ability to change. It used to be, when the country was much younger – at least according to the legends of Western mythology — that a man could move to a new location and literally put his past behind him. Starting a new life, however, is much more difficult in this age of Big Brother and computers and cameras watching and recording our every move. Even the FBI’s Witness Protection Program is no guarantee of anonymity. But can a leopard ever really completely change its spots? This movie doesn’t really answer that question, but it does a really good job of asking.

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17 April, 2006

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Luke Before You Leap
True Confessions of a Thought-Criminal

Nigger, kike, paki. I have just committed a “major incident�. For my previous transgressions – articles like “Make Niggers History�, “Whodunnit? Jewdunnit!� and “Diversity = Death� – my home was invaded by a squad of police in body armor, I was arrested for “Incitement to Racial Hatred�, handcuffed and driven away for questioning as my home was ransacked behind me and my computer, data disks and solitary copy of Tales of the Holohoax taken into custody. Finally, after waiting five hours in a bare cell with a lidless lavatory and a copy of The Sun for company, I was questioned for a further hour by a silver-haired member of the Major Incident Unit of Humberside Police about the columns I’ve written for Heretical since February 2005.

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