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30 June, 2009

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Great news. But what explains Madoff’s crimes? Surely he knew that, eventually, he would get caught by the law. Since so many of America’s super-swindlers have been Jews, there seems to be within many of them a powerful “greed gene” that overrides logic – something to think about if your banker is named Goldbergwitz. Furthermore, […]

29 June, 2009

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Of course, both of the Jewish judges – Ginsburg and Breyer – dissented: [Article]. More on the Ricci decision: [Here].

29 June, 2009

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The Jews are the “rightful owners or heirs” of/to the property? Let’s take a quick look at history: Step 1 – Jews gain control of White property in Europe via their usual sneaky, underhanded ways (e.g., usury, inflationary banking practices, economy-wrecking, war) [1]. Step 2 – Jews lose the property to the Germans during World […]

29 June, 2009

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Globalism ensures that entire regions can be controlled without a lot of effort. Sure, the Jews already had the UN to help them tikkun olam, but that’s a weak and limited outfit. And NATO is long on fighter planes and short on political power. But with the EU and the Lisbon Treaty, forcing gentiles to […]

28 June, 2009

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An essay about Goldman Sachs: [Article].

28 June, 2009

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“Conservatives” = insiders and elites who care more about money, power, book deals and “legitimacy” than about freeing the West from Jewish tyranny (and why would they want to do that anyway, since “Jesus was a Jew”?) [VNN Forum Post].

27 June, 2009

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by Michael Hoffman. “We pause in our round-the-clock defamation of Iran to bring you, Michael Jackson. Our Zionist-controlled media have temporarily shifted from hysterical denunciation of Iran to pious genuflection before the altar of an androgyne. To the extent that Iran has been demonized, Mr. Jackson is being canonized — as ‘the’ iconic American entertainer. […]

27 June, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “Sharon Begley is at it again, flailing away at evolutionary psychology because it doesn’t fit well with her feminist, liberal agenda. This is ironic because evolutionary psychology owes its very existence to political correctness.” [Article].

27 June, 2009

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DeNazification in Germany ended in the late 1940s, right? Nope. It’s still going on today [1]. Meanwhile, the opposite of Nazism, i.e., the Jewish ideology of communism, is legal in most parts of the world, even though it’s more extreme and more violent than Nazism: [Article]. [1] DeNazification – i.e., the wiping out of all […]

26 June, 2009

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Give Michael Jackson credit on one count. He tried to become a White man. He didn’t succeed, of course, but he made an attempt. Interestingly, Jackson called Black people “spabooks.”