14 June, 2017

The Wages of Leftism: Misery, Bankruptcy, Turmoil, Death

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Another leftist country, Venezuela, is in the toilet, with people starving and dying there. The same thing nearly happened to the Soviet Union until America sent it many tons of goods [1]. A rule of thumb: every left-wing country eventually collapses without money and other aid from abroad. Look at Cuba: under Batista, it thrived. But under Castro, it would have died without massive Soviet aid. Ditto Nicaragua: under Somoza it thrived, but under Daniel Ortega, it would have collapsed without Soviet aid. And of course the Soviet Union itself (the communist’s “mother ship” and cash cow) eventually collapsed. Yet, the leftists still want us to believe that the Jewish ideologies of socialism and communism work [2].


[1] America’s Lend-Lease system provided the Soviets with ship-loads of vehicles, fuel, food, medical equipment and arms. The “allies” gave the Soviets 400,000 heavy trucks and much of the aluminum they needed to build airplanes. Without that aid, the Soviets would not have been able to defeat Adolf Hitler in World War II and Germany would have won the war; thanks, “allies”!

[2] socialism is not to be confused with National Socialism (Nazism)

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      90% of the Jewish criminal capitalists left Cuba post Castro. They didn’t want to live ‘equally’ and share their stuff, they preferred being criminal thieves.

      When people talk communism, they gloss over the obvious predecessor to all things communist= corrupt criminal versions of capitalism.

      Especially one should note=Thousands of Jews went to Cuba from Turkey and Syria in the early 1900s. The DeCorvas were Jews who tried to overthrow Spanish rule, and around that time in the late 1880s there were Jews going to Cuba from the US as businessmen, to set up their corrupt criminal tobacco and sugar farming. Once they set up their system, more Jews came from North Africa, etc. and during World War II, Jewish refugees brought in the diamond-polishing industry. By the forties, they had many plants–but everyone honest knows how corrupt the diamond industry is. In the fifties there were around 12k Jews, mostly corrupt criminal business whores in Havana.

      The US backed Batista but Castro defeated. There reason the people were willing to give up nearly all of their rights to communism is simple=the majority of them had nothing left to lose. That’s what happens when criminals run amok.

      So when Castro nationalized businesses and nobody could have private property in Cuba anymore, the Jews said ‘buh-bye’ and went to the US or Mexico, or somewhere in Latin America where they could exploit again.

      Same mind control techniques occur in both radical communism as are used in predatory criminal gang systems–both have a type of ‘elite’ ruling class while pretending they don’t.

    2. fd Says:

      The scumbags who fled Cuba during the revolution can be found in South Florida. The Jews and Cubans have ruined the place. Maybe one day, White Southerners of the Deep South will march hither and drive those people in the sea.

      Batista was also a criminal.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: and if northerners ever recover from their superiority complex, and dump their religiosity that they share with the south in almost equal proportions (just a different version of it), they can lend a hand.

      Nobody that doesn’t need to be in Florida would march hither-mosquitoes, voodoo, and humidity=no.

    4. fd Says:

      @Emily Henderson: The superior civilization is the one that conquered the universe with its music. Blood and soil kinfolks states in the South; a parade of strangers in the North. Florida is a pearl with tremendous resources in the Gulf and Atlantic.

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: True on resources-I was being campy. I aesthetically dislike Florida, though.

      And with the non-white pop, crime, and shape/location, it truly is, as radio dj Charlie Hodge used to say, the ‘dong of America.’