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31 October, 2017

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This newest EU plan is a direct response to Brexit. The globalists are panicking about Brexit and are trying to speed up the One World Revolution before any other countries decide to “Brexit.” The Super EU is still communism-with-a-briefcase, but now, with a new army! (No doubt, this new EU army idea was partly in […]

30 October, 2017

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How ironic: the behavior of the “antifa” thugs is far worse than that of the people they oppose (the antifas stabbed one guy). [Article].

30 October, 2017

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Key word in the headline: “allow.” Human displacement doesn’t have to happen, just like immigration didn’t have to happen. We let it happen. So, machines will soon eliminate the need for Mexican lettuce pickers in California, but, at the same time, the machines will usher in left-wing socialism (as opposed to National Socialism) and lives […]

29 October, 2017

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The “antifas” (“anti-fascists”) and the Left moan about “fascism” daily, but here’s the funny part: there isn’t any fascism in the West. Nope. Zero. None. In fact, the last time fascism was in the West was in Chile pre-1990 (contrast that fact with communism, which still exists in a half-dozen countries today, and some of […]

28 October, 2017

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Most of America’s Founding Fathers owned slaves — it wasn’t controversial back then, since negroes were considered to be less-than-human. Regardless, the ugly truth is that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks. If you ask an American negro if he wants to go back to Africa and live there in a […]

27 October, 2017

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(Above: Hell on earth: Dresden, Germany after the allied firebombings, 1945) World War II was the turning point for the White race. In fact, you could say that WWII was the beginning of the end of the White race. […] “The conclusion I came to after reading the two books is that indeed Lippmann and […]

26 October, 2017

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead) by Dr. William Pierce. […] “This sort of thing has happened over and over again in Haiti. It seems that we would have learned something from it. In the 18th century Haiti, then called Saint-Domingue and ruled by the French, was the most prosperous […]

25 October, 2017

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An intellectual is someone with a huge, powerful brain, someone who can think long thoughts and quote Shakespeare and who can easily walk and chew gum at the same time (in other words, not me). Question: how can you be an “intellectual” without a college degree? Sipping white wine and eating brie won’t turn you […]

25 October, 2017

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If the queers could keep their dicks in their pants, AIDS wouldn’t still be spreading “at an alarming rate.” But they can’t do that, because queers are hedonists: pleasure comes first, safety comes last. Shouldn’t deadly diseases be about health and public safety, and not about “queer politics”? Homosexuals are nothing but burdens to the […]

24 October, 2017

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(Above: according to Cultural Marxism, this moral, healthy White family is “sick” and “depraved”) Let’s say that you see something that looks like it might be Cultural Marxism (in a TV commercial, for example). Is it Cultural Marxism? To find out, ask yourself: is “normal” being re-labeled and called “abnormal,” or vice-versa? If so, then, […]