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16 December, 2014

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I already knew that the American newspaper reporter Herbert Matthews almost single-handedly turned the Cuban communist thug Fidel Castro into a hero, into a world-famous “Robin Hood of Latin America.” But I didn’t know that Matthews was at least half-Jewish: “Matthews was born and raised in New York City’s affluent Riverside Drive in the Upper […]

11 December, 2014

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Here’s more proof that Britain is, culturally speaking, in big trouble. Of course, there are way too many Jews in the BBC management [1], just like there are way too many Jews in the American media companies. [Article]. [1] a Jew, Danny Cohen, became Director of BBC Television in 2013

30 October, 2014

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“The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy…You go down the line in that fashion…not just with ownership but go down to the managing posts and discretionary posts…and you’ll find that through their aggressiveness and their inventiveness, they now dominate […]

30 October, 2014

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“Proud”? That’s classic homosexual propaganda: make a negative sound like a positive. It’s similar to saying, “thank God I’m a midget!” By the way, the pro-homosexual movement was built by Jews, and aided by the Jewish-controlled media. [Article].

29 October, 2014

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(Above: congressman Emanuel Celler, creator of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) “And so we now live in a soul-less, mindless, third world infested, corporate-controlled, Jew-directed Federal surveillance state. It all happened so quickly!” (poster Tim McGreen on America). Yes, it happened very quickly. But how? It happened through a revolution that was never called […]

26 October, 2014

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Having a pop culture isn’t the same thing as having a real culture. A real culture lasts for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, unchanged and traditional, whereas a pop culture is a series of immediate nothings manufactured by the media and Hollywood, a parade of trends and fads designed to distract and corrupt. […]

14 October, 2014

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Thanks to Cultural Marxism [1], we are slowly becoming a society where every human will be considered equal regardless of his race, religion or lifestyle. You’re a child molester? No problem. America’s greatest poet, Allen Ginsberg, was one – you’re in good company! You’re a serial killer? No biggie – besides, it helps control overpopulation […]

21 September, 2014

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Newbies, here’s the nature of the relationship between Jews and Europeans: the Europeans are a dog. The Jews are a tick on the dog’s back, sucking out its lifeblood and screaming “that’s anti-Tickism!” whenever the dog complains about the tick. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

24 August, 2014

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Jewish homosexual activist: “Hey! He can’t say that! We’ve already declared that transsexuals are completely normal!” Jewish media boss #1: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that my magazines and newspapers portray him as a lone wacko with nutty ideas.” Jewish media boss #2: “And I’ll make sure that my TV shows smear him as a […]

14 August, 2014

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But each time they speak out, they are not applauded. They are called “haters” and “anti-Semites.” [Article]. Several articles about who controls Canada’s media and entertainment industry: [Here].