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30 May, 2007

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First, they began wearing blue jeans instead of dresses. Then they began cursing. Then they joined the fire department. Now they’re tackling each other on the football field. This is what happens when you let Jews create egalitarian movements in White countries. Every “-ism” which advocates human equality (e.g., feminism, multiculturalism) was birthed and steered […]

6 May, 2007

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By J.B. Cash (5/2/07) There are two events each year that highlight the anti-white bias of the football establishment in America: college signing day and the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft was held last weekend and white players were treated the same way they have been treated for decades – poorly. In honor of those […]

14 April, 2007

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Sports is politics by other means. By Alex Linder The past few years have seen Major League Baseball (MLB) attempt to turn the first black MLB player into a saint, nay, god. It’s another example of judeo-communism, American style. Jackie Robinson Day (April 15) is baseball’s MLK day – the day on which baseball does […]

29 March, 2007

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Yes, indeed. Loaded with quality material, suitable for braying. Serengetti Williams getting dissed.

29 March, 2007

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Nigger calls jews crafty and hated. Sports hens cluck that never should anyone say anything offensive, at least if it’s directed against Semitically protected classes such as jews and homos and coloreds. As we’ve pointed out before, one of the things that makes niggers imperfect from the jewish standpoint is that their lower IQ makes […]

21 March, 2007

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“I know how y’all white folks get when you lose.” Jigs be poolin’, NASCARin’. Jigs be golfin’ ‘n’ bowlin’. Jigs are getting their tennis on. Everywhere you look, jigs be jigging jiggily; laurelatin’ and medalizin’. And whitey be hatin’ and resentin’. Cuz that’s what Whites do. According to jew producing the tribal tripestream media. Trailer. […]

1 December, 2006

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Don Imus is a fake cowboy and fake bad boy whose face looks like a 70-year-old whore’s cunt. Today on MSNBC he promotes the latest book celebrating the role of thport in releasing the South from the evil tenure of segregation.

16 November, 2006

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Another coon falls before mighty Aryan Klitschko…

2 November, 2006

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Alex, I had the good fortune of hearing you speak while you were a guest of the LA based radio talk show 97.1. Although the moronic hosts did their best to rile and besmirch you, you impressed me with your ability to articulate your views while steadfastly thwarting their idiotic attacks. Since then I have […]

18 September, 2006

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End of a Myth by W. S. Hogun You’ve heard the stereotypes: white men can’t run. They can’t jump. And they can’t fight, either. At least that’s what the PC media-machine would have us believe. So far it appears to have worked remarkably well. If you say it loudly enough and often enough, people will […]