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15 September, 2021

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Liberals (i.e., most Scandinavians) were born without the “common sense gene.” It’s true. Liberals lack basic common sense. Liberals have, ahem, “female brains,” even if they are male! That’s right. Meaning what? Meaning that they suffer more from a brain feature called “affect intensity,” which means that a person with that feature feels emotions very […]

22 June, 2021

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The scary thing about Cultural Marxism is: it has no brakes. Soon, everything even remotely White will be banished from society. Cultural Marxism seeks to end White culture. To the Marxist, White culture is “evil” and “oppressive” and “sexist.” (You want to see sexism? Go to Mexico. The Mexicans are much more sexist than Whites. […]

5 January, 2020

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What kind of “men” attack women with weapons? Those aren’t men. Sadly, as Sweden turns Brown with immigration and red with Marxism, it will become less and less safe for White women. [Article].

1 September, 2019

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Swedish official #1: “Let’s see: we flooded our White country with Brown people, and now, our country has taken a downturn. But why?” Swedish official #2: “Yeah, I can’t figure out what went wrong.” Swedish official #3: “Neither can I. Nothing has changed, other than the people, and to quote Paul McCartney, ‘we all know […]

18 July, 2019

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Communism: from the Latin communis, meaning “shared” or “common.” Sweden — obsessed with human equality and fairness to the point of mental illness; it had the world’s first feminist government — is a nearly-communist country that doesn’t know it’s a nearly-communist country. Someone must tell the Swedes the awful truth. Soviet Sweden is just around […]

1 December, 2018

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“Sweden will sign the United Nations’ Global Migration Agreement in December, the government confirms. It claims that the framework is important for Sweden’s economic development and that there is a “great potential” in even more immigration to Sweden.” Screw the UN. Does the government of Sweden speak (or in this case, sign) treason? Yes, it […]

4 April, 2017

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This is why women shouldn’t be police officers: 1 man fighting 3 lady cops and the guy wins the fight! And the lady cops even had some extra help from bystanders! Holy crap. (Years ago, all police departments had height and weight requirements. Those days are long gone. Wonder how many killers have escaped the […]

24 January, 2016

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Refujihadists don’t have to show drivers licenses when stopped by police, but White people do. (Speaking of Sweden: I saw a report on the TV stating that Sweden is almost a cashless society now. Only 11% of monetary transactions in Sweden involve cash. The rest are electronic transactions [credit card swipes, etc.]. Of course, the […]

19 May, 2015

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(Above: UNESCO’s Brown Man, a one-size-fits-all human) You wanna talk “White genocide”? This is the beginning of it! Brown Man’s coming. Soon, there will be no such thing as Western culture. Everyone will be brown. A universal man will appear, just like the communists wanted all along. [Article].

2 May, 2015

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Swedish official #1: “We are making sure that Sweden will be able to accommodate millions of Brown immigrants!” Swedish official #2: “Ja! This new plan will help to transform Sweden from a first-world White country into a third-world shithole. But that’s okay, because diversity is great!” [Article/Video].