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That Sound You Hear is the Holocaust Cracking Up

This is big. Really big. Helmut Kohl agrees with Ahmadinjad that The Holocaust (TM, R, Copyright, LLC) is pure D jewish BULLSHIT! Itz a-coming, you fucking kikes. Not all the jew-luvin' Jerry Taylors in the world will save you from the wrath of Aryans bent on revenge. Truly, you have only your dirty yidden selves to blame. No JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Jews: They're Always Right

It's like a virus has taken over the heads of otherwise clear-thinking men and women. No matter what the jew does, it's always right. Read the link. It's Amrentals responding to Duke-jew-Hart imbroglio. The overwhelming majority side with the jew, believe it or not. The truly wacky thing is that these we-must-remain-respectables do not blame the jew for spouting obscenities, they blame Duke! No matter what the jew does, he's always right. Duke is well dressed, polite, no matter. The squat, balding, cursing kike is the hero. At a conference of white nationalists, no less. As Pearson said, if your org isn't officially and overtly anti-jew from the "get-go" as the nigger lovers say, in time it will be subverted by them. This Amrent thread is truly eye opening. It puts the lie to anyone claiming the average Rentie is anything but kosher conservative. Note that Amrent suspends its rhetorical standards for any WN critcizing Duke or opposing Amrent's philosemitism; Duke is freely abused as a whore, an SS officer, and an MLK-style fake Ph.D. David Duke, who has done more for Whites than anyone this side of William Pierce, is unworthy of respect granted the lowest anonymous jew posting at Amrent. Yeah, Jerry Taylor's on our side.

Whence Blondism

Blonde hair puts women at competitive advantage when the other women look like sistas. Still: A study by the World Health Organisation found that natural blonds are likely to be extinct within 200 years because there are too few people carrying the blond gene. According to the WHO study, the last natural blond is likely to be born in Finland during 2202.

Jews Are Evil in Human Form

It is impossible not to arrive at this conclusion, even if you're an atheist. Wherever jews ooze, misery and destruction follow as surely as the night the day.

The Jewing of Law and Life Begins with the Jewing of Language

Jews take over the "good" words in English like niggers or mexicans taking over a public park. Soon the park is destroyed, the yid ensconced, and normal people are driven off. "Tolerance," for example, when jew-occupied means "spending millions of White-extracted dollars to build synagogues for jews, while preventing Christians from saying prayers over evening meals." Jews are verbal squatters. The space they occupy is soon as malodorous as pooch o'er-paused. Jews, my friend, are a shit-race.

Open Wide & Say: "Kwa"

The biggest picture, sexily, spiritually, scientifically -- that is to say, Numbermanically, "Newz" Numberman

The Internet's Microsoft Minyan

A response to Slate's "TV's Aryan Sisterhood," by Jack Douglas Wright

Germanic Countries Dominate Olympics, Proving Hitler Right!

Stupid, you say? Do you say the same when the butt media claim the reverse? Jesse Owens won a race. Proving Hitler's theories wrong. If he had lost to a German, that would have proved Hitler right. And the chain gang so graciously would have conceded. Did Germany win the most medals in the '36 Berlin games? Yes. The exception proves the rule. The usual overturns it. Did you know that the stupidity 'the exception proves the rule' is a mistranslation of 'the exception TESTS the rule'? You have a frontal lobe for a reason, it's not so your eyes don't get rained on.

Naming The Jew: A Primer For Morons

What it is not: a cautious, scholarly tendering of the horripilant notion that maybe just maybe one particulacule in six hundred eighty-two billion of our national kultursmog just might -- I said MIGHT!, your honor -- wear a yarmulke in its off hours. No, that, unfriend is NOT naming the jew. Naming the jew means writing about your subject like a cat digging catnip. Snuffling in it. Rolling in it. Half mad with desire to eat it and mate with it and enanimate it. It does not mean dipping a tiny toe-y in the darkness before dawn, it means belly flopping into the truth pool mid-afternoon with a joyous screech that makes a rebel yell sound like a gay mouse fart. Is that clear? Am I getting through to you? Do I need to make it plainer? Naming the jew means taking a Gargantuan pride & glorious reveling in speaking the obvious truth the littlers say "can't" be said, and saying it as as firmly, directly, loudly, and unsyncopatedly as a goddam Beethoven movement, call it Ode to Goy. It is the spirit VNN is written in, and we lead the way. It means grabbing that bitch subject and fucking the hell out of it and coming on its face, and then wiping your dick on the curtain and shrieking "It's good to be king!" like average hypocristian say-one-thing-and-screw-another Scotty Stapp. FUCK FUCK FUCK THE HELL OUT OF THE DIRTY YID! If the jew's at the bottom of the problem, then hold the wriggler up the light, no matter how it scream. Chloroform is the only reform this insect is capable of. So gas it, stick it on board, put a pin through it. Jam it in front of fools' faces, that even they may see. Subtlety is the enemy of the truth in this particular case. Scream it from the rooftops. Rent a van and blow it out bullhorns. THE GODDAM JEW IS GUILTY! A radically simple concept, itz: putting the blame where it belongs. Are you a White Man or an ecru maggot? Your position on the guilty jew decides all. Fun can't be faked. No more than lack of fear can be feigned. Think about that. No one ever triumphed over the jew by proving him wrong.

Europe Shits the Bed

Weak. Uber-weak. Lower and stinkier than orcal discharge, the imprisonment of man (men) for holding the wrong opinion. Just for the record, VNN encourages any German, Austrian, Englishman or other European oppressed by his jewed-out government to publish the truth it's illegal to mention in Europe on our websites, VNN and VNNForum. Fuck EU! The "Holocaust" is horseshit, a lie put over on honest White men by lying, scheming, profiteering jews. If England had the tiniest vestige of national pride left, it wouldn't put up with such horseshit against its nationals. But England no more than Austria is a free country. Free speech, we repeat for the umpteenth time, is a White concept. Where jews appear, it disappears posthaste, like sanity backing terrified out of a room of jewish "scholars." You can have jews or freedom, not both. VNN says we choose freedom and plow the jews under where they can cohabit with their peers molarizing grass roots. No doubt jews will soon own the choice tunnels, and moles will be up in underground kanagroo courts on charges of anti-semitism, but that's the moles' problem. Here al-ja on't. Funny. You can write fifty best-selling books of history, but that doesn't make you a historian, not in the jew press, or, apparently, in the ostensibly arab press either. You're a "Holocaust denier." Forget the fact that historian is the neutral term for the man, and that "Holocaust denier" begs more questions than could be answered in fifteen lifetimes. David Irving is a writer, more precisely a historian, who is thrown in jail for expressing an illegal opinion. No, the jews don't control the media. It's just a coincidence that terms and arguments employed in the press perfectly mesh with the jewish agenda for demonizing, stigmatizing, jailing, murdering any dirty goyeem who dare stand athwart their plans for global domination.

Shit Pocket in Old Mexico

Proof that God really does care! A really-southern calzone. Meanwhile, down in old Alabammy, another international house of flipjacks goes flambéautiful. My Jeboo's back and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey la, hey la my Jeboo's back! Well...not...yet.

Niggers and Spics Just Don't Mix

Let's compromise, gentlemals. You're both right! Now get outta here... Sheriff Lee Baca said the fights were part of an "ongoing gun battle" between black and Latino gangs. "People on the outside are shot-calling to the inside to Latinos to start racial disturbances," he said. Sheriff's department officials said a gang known as the Mexican Mafia is believed to have given the green light to prisoners of Mexican ancestry to go after African Americans. "Diversity is our greatest strength, squawk! Diversity is our greatest strength, squawk! Diversity is our greatest strength, squawk! Div...ah, fuck it." Ha ha, folks, Polly the parrot is right: Stick with crackers! They're grrrrrrrreat!

The Ultimate 'Site

Nothing para about these kikes. They're full-on professionals. If a man said to you, "Fish don't have parasites!", you'd think him wacky. If he said, "There's no such thing as a parasite that attacks birds or cats!", you'd know you were dealing with a nut. If he said, "There's no such thing as a human parasite!", you'd... You'd probably agree, because no one's ever heard of such a thing, and the thought makes you . . . uneasy. It is a weird and frightening thought, yes. But does it fit the facts? If non-human-animal parasites could write books, how much do you bet they'd say, "Parasites don't exist! It's a dirty lie spread by haters!"? Now, take a gander at jew-goose Uggie Debbie Lipstadt and reponder the question... Debbie is what you catch when you don't cook pork long enough. Gentlemen, stay not your frying pans.

Jacques and The Nonplussed

In the Great Ranking of Things in Which One May Take Legitimate Pride, 'infiltrating' the NSM has got to rank somewhere back of fart distance from valid election to the proud office of King of the Dipshits. I don't care what group, it's addition by subtraction when Pluss departs.

Juif Spicoli

Jewish social engineers with their bag o' cultural fix-alls are nothing but pseudo-educated, genuinely malicious Jeff Spicolis, whose fathers are tv repairmen, so relax, they've got the ultimate set of tools. They can fix it! Forget they fucked it in the first place. Forget Punk'd. There should be a show Jew'd. Remember how I told you niggers just needed to sit next to humans to pass Hand's class? Dude, I was lying! They're dumber than rocks! Guess what this is? This is the sound of a twelth-grade nigger trying to pass a fourth-grade reading test! Hey, where'd you get the jacket?

Zesty Puller

Wolcott with some gibes. In the 'Kwa, everything's a joke. Dim veep shoots friend, laffs it off. Bushy lies about WMDs, then laffs it off at the Gridiron pep rally. Our nation is no longer a nation, it is a halfwit house for juvenile delinquents. Funny part is dumbass bushy made his own hunting gaffire.


Jews are teenagers drunk on self love, driving the American car straight into a tree. Buchanan correctly picks up on the malevolence and arrested development Churchill saw at the heart of the jewish revolutionary. You don't suppose the coterie of kikes in goyface would explode a nuke at the Super Bowl, do you? Nah, that'd be overkill. But with national attention focused on a single point, might be a good time for a suicide bomber. Movie based on similar idea, "Black Sunday," came out in the seventies. In it Palestinians & pals attack the crowd at the big game. How convenient. Jew director Frankenheimer creates a false flag decades before it is needed. Synchronicity! Here Sheehan recounts her arrest. Leaving Iran alone is far too good an idea to be practiced. Keep in mind that jews have no respect for anyone but jews. It's not simply that they're disrespectful, they give the other guy zero space, zero rights, zero legitimacy. Jews are, to jews, in a very real sense, the only thing going. Non jews are never fully real to jews. This attitude lubricates whichever lie, swindle, murder the given jew is currently perpetrating. You have no right to oppose a jew's war. So what if ninety percent of America wanted to stay out of both European fights? These blindlings must be swatted into line. Hence Pearl Harbor. Hence 9/11. Again interest in the insane, disruptive, bankrupt-making affair in "the middle east" wanes. Jewish anger flares again, like a rheostat clicking on when the temp drops below the set point. Gotta reagitate the public. Do you think Big Jew would hestitate one moment before bombing an American city and blaming it on Iran? Not for a minute! The only proviso would be that the city chosen were light on jews, with the few there tipped, Odigolike. If the AEI leaps into the air of a sudden, we can assume anti-jews are at work. Anything else, the chances are about 99:1 the producers, as in pretty much every big shew out there, are jews. Keep in the foreront of your mind that: jews are responsible for America's invasion problem, both here and in Iraq. Before jews opened the gates, there were virtually no Muslims in America. Or Mexicans. Before jews, niggers were constrained by laws set up by humans for humans. Things have gotten a lot worse since we subcontracted our thinking and herd management to jews.

Hiroshima Didn't Need to Happen

Japan sought terms. Here Raimondo on "Why We Fight."

The Bullies of Judaism

Go unmentioned by pinay Malkin, very concerned about Muslims opposed to Mohammed-mocking 'toons in Danish rags. What about Irving? What about Zundel? What about Graf? Muslims and jews are both intolerant, both un- and anti-Western, both utterly unneeded and unwanted in the White West.

Illiterates For Reading

In AmeriKwa, we judge by intentions. Demanding performance sounds hateful.

The Sixties

Jew-commies, their niggers, direction by indirection and much, much less...

Caravaggio Paintings Discovered in France

The greatest master credited with two more...


The ZOG-tot, T.E. Lawrence, Padilla, anti-German books, parallel between jew-bolshies in USSR and USA today, and much Eric Thomson

Oprah Selects Another Book Full of Horseshit

First it was lying best-seller James Frey, and his tales of barf and jail. In her first book club pick since allegations that some parts of her last selection were fabricated... The problems is with Elie Wiesel is that parts of "Night" are fabricated, too. Better put, parts of "Night" aren't fabricated. Elie Wiesel apparently does exist. Beyond that, all bets are off, as Mr. Faurisson documents. Can a jew hate? Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -- healthy, virile hate -- for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. Oh, no, only Aryans hate - ask the jews. No jew anywhere, at any time, in the jew-controlled media, has been called a "hater." Wiesel is nothing but a purveyor of rancid grivenes.


On offices yesterday, baby boomers, our "republic" ruled by the rich, The Christmas Truce, and Eric Thomson

Muslims Gang-Raping White Girls

The jew reports on Muslims' long-runng practice to excite hatred of the Muslim, not out of pity for or desire to protect white women. For on the next channel he doesn't report on blacks practicing the exact same thing; and on the channel after that runs the latest movie showcasing black and blonde as best buddies. The jew only does what's in the interests of jews, and today that means flogging anti-muslim sentiment to revive flagging war fervor. Say, how did those rapists get into formerly all-White nations? Jews rewrote the immigration policies. Somehow that uber-pertinent fact never gets mentioned.

Oliver on Christianity

We get caught up in the Muslim gang-rapes and the sundry nastinesses that attend jew-operated AmeriKwa, so much that we forget how nice the world could be. Enjoy the clear logic, the wit, the erudition of Revilo Oliver, a sort of H.L. Mencken had Mencken gone into professing rather than journalism. In a White world, universities would employ Olivers, and we could foward our sons and tuition checks unreservedly, for they offer real education, a thing in today's world not easy to find, and a thing which it is the mission of VNN to prosper, not least by highlighting genuine teachers. The clear-eyed white man is the flower of the universe, just as much as the mature Aryan beauty.


Franklin recommended looking up every word you don't know as a way to expand your vocabulary. Good idea. Same works for concepts, people - anything you come across in reading, or elsewhere, you're not familiar with. Extension of powerful ideas; their reapplication in different areas - of this 99% of originality consists. Research the unknown; ask simple questions. Compare supposed information with established principles and incentives to mislead. In this way genuine knowledge is acquired, and set in constellation with the rest of your known world. Collecting trivia is not our goal, rather the drawing out of ourselves -- e-duce-ing that defines education -- into the broader world; looking up from our petty concerns to appreciate and understand the context of our lives. We approach the world not in the spirit of the jew, who seeks only 'news you can use' (to profit or to destroy), but to appreciate, and understand. We enlarge our comprehensions to strengthen the world by understanding its parts, and our relation to them. Education is someone wiser than ourselves, or ourselves in a pinch, putting a finger under our child's chin, lifting our eyes to his, then spreading his hand across the broad horizon, our gaze to follow. We rise above our petty and particular concerns; we appreciate, for all canyons are grand, and mountains, hills, plains too; - we walk and move and see, feel, and taste - in time we perceive. Where previously we saw not at all, now we see through, the literal meaning of 'perceive.' This is education; a drawing out; a coming to realize, condensed where it can be, but unfolding without ending for those who choose it. In Chapter one of his book on Christianity, Oliver mentions someone we've never heard of, a certain Eugene Marais, student of the not so lowly baboon. Immediately we ask ourselves: who is this man? Why haven't we heard of him before? It sounds like he was doing Jane-Goodall work before she was, as he spend lengthy periods with baboon troops, long enough to win their trust. We immediately wonder if there were politically incorrect implications to his discoveries. We know that minor women achievers are celebrated, whereas minor male achievers are ignored. Research is required. First we run a vocabulary check on chacma, which seems to be the particular type of primate Marais studied. We have never encountered this word before. informs us that a chacma is: A grayish-black baboon (Papio ursinus) of southern and eastern Africa. Very interesting! Our conception of primates is enlarged. Next we'll run engine on chacmas, see if we can find pictures. We note the 'ursinus' in the Latin name, and we know that ursine is the adjective pertaining to bears. We suspect someone in the long ago thought these primates bore resemblence to bears, although if it were the same person who saw constellations in scattered stars, we might not see that resemblance ourselves! Search reveals chacmas resemble bears in their remarkable furiness. We learn they're omnivorous and male-dominated. Perhaps we hear less about them for this last reason, as feminists, we know, are always on the lookout for female-dominated species, the better to contrast these species favorably with mankind, pardon, humankind. We research Eugene Marais. He turns out to have been a keen-eyed renaissance man, an extraordinary South African, a poet, lawyer, naturalist, journalist. He's known as "one of the founding fathers of the Afrikaans language." Perhaps it is not surprising we haven't heard of him, as he's exactly the type for which the jewed academy has no use. We learn he studied both termites and baboons. He believed the former operated off instinct only; the latter off "causal" memory. He had a least-resistance theory in competition with Darwin's fittest. It appears that much of what he wrote was in Afrikaans only. This calls to mind our observation on knowledge friction; that more times than theory would suggest are even men in the same occupation -- say, setting up prison telemedicine systems -- unaware of those working in the same field on the same problems. This is true even in the age of Internet. There's a mental gravity that draws our attention ever down to our own concerns, as a baby to its blocks. We must fight this by drawing ourselves out, and that means up and away, looking over the edge of the furrow to see outside our own field. How much knowledge sought by the English-speaking world has already been discovered in the German- ? How much valid knowledge exists but lies fallow -- to us -- because it is untranslated, unresearched, or deliberately covered up? We ponder this in relation to the six major publishing houses all being located in New York, run by jews and staffed by feminists. We ponder in light of our publishing knowledge: is there a market for International German house, specializing in translating German political and scientific texts, specifically semitically incorrect ones, into Enlish? We return to remarkable Marais, of whom we were ignorant until a few minutes ago. We note that he had the respect of Robert Ardrey, himself a writer the implications of whose works render uncomfortable the culturists. We wonder about E.O. Wilson, the famous Harvard ant scientist, also in this line. We ponder again the dictum, 'great minds think alike.' Perhaps to think is to think alike, if the thinking is sound, for reality is of a piece, although reactions to accurately assessed reality differ with the subject. We are charged with interest to do more research on the particular findings of Marais. What precisely did he learn about baboons? Can we find this knowledge in English, if not all of his writings on the subject? Just as the Italians say eating makes appetite, learning too makes us hungry for more. Understanding what is happening, to us and around us, is the only real security. More later. We conclude by observing that in the time we spent researching Eugene Marais and his animals, Berkeley tuition checks for the second semester were cashed, $13,000 per student. While we learned real and suggestive facts, those poor 13k kids taking anthro 101 heard from a jew that race doesn't exist; that human sexuality is a continuum; that free love is the way they do things in Samoa, and ought to be and would be the way we do things here if the repressed parents who signed those checks would loosen up. We gained real and substantial knowledge; Berkeley gained major fundage; Berkeley students gained...not at all, for they augmented nought but their stock of things that just ain't so.


Touching on transubstantion, sailing jargon, court systems, the jewishness of Milch, French/Russian Revolutions' jewish roots, Zundel, and much Eric Thomson

Book Review: The Red Knight of Germany

Aryan aristocrats + fratricidal war = William Yates

Film Review: "Syriana"

Confirming the prejudices of those who think they're in the know that big oil, bad arabs, and CIA WASPs will be the death of us William Yates

Curious Carveouts for Non-Caucasians

Always fun to see libosemitic contradictions play themselves out in the kangarooty-tooty courts we call justice system and media. Squared are Second Squatters, which mistory tells us were dispossessed and diseased to the verge of extinction by the perfidious, invidious, contumelious garden weasel of hate "The White Man," and those judeosanctified creatures of lust and piety, feminootic wimmins, aka Original Squatters. They can bare midriffs and witness! Shyster A maintains the Firewaterlogged Remnant deserves its own land, sovereign, in which to practice fealty to Old Ways, specifically craps. Shyster B maintains the right of whores, even in foreign sovereign lands, to keep leers and leches off tits and asses, even though ability to inspire those leers is what raises her pay from donut clerk at Fryhop. Nothing liberals hate worse than sovereignty. Except the White man! Was tun when competing hates collide? A commie-nundrum, itz! All power must issue from Washington, so that abramoffs can control it. Yet, the white man must never control the colored, so that injuns should be allowed the secession called sovereignty. What gives here? Who to whozim? Which of their mouthings do the diversity uniformists not-mean less? Stealing squaws is time-honored redmange reproduction strategy. To interfere be egregious cross-cultural dictatatorial imperialisticalism and whatnot, kwallege mceducated we be telling u. Let alone these are, however itty bitty, sovereign nations we're talking about. Sovereign means sovereign. Means you decide, not jew. Which piece of bullshit will they walk away from first, these canting, moralizing, uniform-equals-utopian nations-wrecking gliberals? "White liberal man say me sovereign, then cry when I stick my nez pierce up pale crack! Big heap no gettum?" Legal experts deep within VNNrooTV agree the principal matter to be resolved is: Do wimmins outrank Natives on the semitical correctness scale? Says Debonair Jack Flowers, "Difficult cases send us back to basic principles. In this case, in every case, we remember that 'good for jews' is the heart of our Judeo-Saxon legal system, and the basis of all truly just ajudication. Hence the necessity of filling more than half our top law schools with jewish teachers, for who, better than a jew, knows what's best for jews? Any answer but 'jew' whiffs of antisemitism. The gravitas besist in whether it be better for the house of Abraham that the whiteskinned man behold Western feminist flirt law preferred even over colored wishes in colored territory, and so increase his respect and fear of the superior sex, or that the principle of white women always open to colored invasion be upheld, the better he learn to relax and relinquish his daughters. Delicate balancing which keeps the white man ever in fear of the white women, yet which subtly opens to coloreds avenues to white women not available to the white man, all while maintaining the noble lie of equality -- this requires the sort of hair-splitting for which only students of the Talmud are truly qualified." A single genuinely rather than nominally sovereign White state, enforcing its own White immigration policy, would attract so many millions of Whites it would probably be forced to turn people away. ZOG knows this - knows that any bitty counterexample, even Shitsburg run by Redmani, in some unpredictable way could endanger it; and that White state guaranteed would; and that not nobody lower or higher listed on lengthy rolls of lump-nosed liars labeled experts could put a different face on the matter, what with videocasts over the 'Net and all. You want beauty, freedom and order? No chance if the substance of the people ain't white. We all know it. ZOG knows it. We won't be getting that White land back, we must take it. There is not a single global problem not created or exacerbated by the jew and that includes imaginary problems such as global warming and racism. The removal of the jew would usher in an era of prosperity unseen in world history. The insane-white mentality we describe above is perfectly captured in this next-page link at Salon: Little evidence exists that tribes have come up with their own laws against sexual discrimination. They're a sovereign nation. Yet their laws fail to conform to 2006 liberal ideas. Does not compute! All liberal thought is like this. Facade of pretty words, all of them, not a single one they haven't flipped, backed by past-puritan moral insanity, call it crusadism. Libs have no respect for anything save their direct personal interests. Their mouth is all crappy kitsch garden signs; their behavior is rabid pit bull tied to those stakes. Libs hate difference and its verbal/rhetorical expression - disagreement. Their instinct fear of orders they haven't ordained, rhetorically represented as resistance to equality, produces in them a blindness born of hatred of actual difference, tolerance of which would lead to hierarchies in which they ain't on top. Their 'jewish breakthrough' is that reality won't interfere with your plans if you don't let it. This means bombing the fuck and life out of people, rhetorically and physically, as at least if reality won't play along, gobs can be stopped. Fear of racial differences is liberal, not racist. Jews and leftists can only win by being the only game in town. Ordinary people are conservative - stupid cowards. That is why jews and liberals win, and everybody else tries to stay out of their way, and finds so many things confusing. Racialists see and accept and draw inferences from racial differences. Liberals simply deny these differences exist, all scientific knowledge and human experience be damned. Liberals are religious fundamentalists more dangerous than the christian fundamentalists they deride, at least until the advent of Israel, as their insanity is earth-based rather than heavenly. You can see this hatred-born-of-fear-of-lib-unrecognizable-reality not just with regard to blacks, whom liberals refuse to respect as non-whites entities with their own specific and unique makeups, judging them, as they do all others, by how far they deviate from white liberal standards, but for racialists too, whom they never, not seldom, never respect enough even to record their names accurately. Aryan Nations becomes Aryan Nation. Top libs are smug haters, as dreamy and vicious as Manson's girls. Unlike those girls, most liberals don't even recognize the leader of their cult. Respect for the collection of differences known as reality is conservative, as is the recognition that only some of those differences are tolerable, and others need be understood and controlled, and some controlled to the point of extinguished.

White Genius: Fang Shooey

Finding a way to dispel insistent sea sharks has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. The solution turns out to be a decal? Here on rab-men, great for testing. The church, that fount of scientific reason, opposes rab-men. Transubstantiation, i.e. eating Jesus, remains "just fine."

White Archaeology: Hunted by Birds

Sea sharks, too. Oy, back into the cave, where nought but the humble salamander do threaten us, eyeless in his pool.

The System's Schools

Produce politically-correct, genital-entertainment-focused drones - by intention. Public school = education major lecturing out of a jewish playbook to a nigger thinking of raping one of the white girls the jews thoughtfully mixed in for him. More here, including finding that only 31% of college grads can read a complex book. The jew is correct in his analysis of look-say vs phonics, but he leaves out the crucial jewish nexus. Dumbed down goy masses fits the jewish political agenda, and that is the real reason look-say torture persists. Look-say is a way for jews to handicap goy children in the guise of progressivism. Who gets the progress, white man? Not your kids! Jews coopt education policy, just as they did christian social gospel. Goy are here to serve jews - no other reason. It says that in the Talmud. The page of objections by those famously disputatious hatecapped heads is white on white with lack of disagreement. All they need for the dumb goy NWO fodder is to press the cheeseburger symbol and pump their adrenal glands when "army of one" or "COPS" infomercials come on. They call us hate criminals here at VNN because we teach you to think and show you the results of our thought. We call them hate criminals because they want to take your kid, deracinate him -- 'deracinate' is not a word the average college graduate will be familiar with, look it up if you aren't -- by teaching him the dysbasics: "learning how to read" by a WAY THAT DOES NOT WORK. Oy, first you lie on your back. Then you take the wheels on your gonads and head. Put hands on pedals and work vigorously. Oy, Lance Armstrong, you are! Ever taken in by misleading exteriors, the stupid goy parents believe -- because everybody else does, making it safe, making it good (Kuhdenk) -- that a thing is what a jew calls it. Don't number among the mass. Read. Think. These do not require big brains. They require reasoned examination of everything you allow into your head, your brain as well as your mouth. The general rule, which admits of no exceptions, is that on any matter on which you have not specifically bethunk yourself, you have adopted some jew's mania by default, since jewish memes only circulate freely in our most controlled of worlds.

Successful Predators

The Israelis assert a right to destroy all who oppose them. Aryans take note. Jews exert this right sans court sanction and without acknowledgement of national borders. The jews are responsible for engineering every single policy genocidal to Whites, thus by their own hand, mind, and actions they are guilty of that for which they condemn others to death. Noted. Jews mixed niggers into white schools, knowing the result would be destroyed minds and bodies. Jews mixed niggers into white neighborhoods, knowing the result would be destroyed buildings and cities. Jews murder white men. Jews send niggers to rape white women. Jews are the cause of America's decline into an ugly third-world nation constantly menancing large parts of the rest of the globe. Iraqi freedom fighters rightly call American fodder "jews." Did you ever wonder why half the opinion writers in your local paper are jews? Hint: it's not because they're smarter or more interesting than others.

Derek Freeman and the Travails Endured by Jew-Tool Exposers

Jew Franz Boas emigrated to America around 1900. He founded American academic anthropology, and dominated it for fifty years. Jew Boas is the source of the Big Lie that culture, not race, explains most of what we see around us. Jew Boas' lie was used by his fellows to attack a White society that, at that time, still discriminated against the jews as the scum they were and are. Look around you to see the result of eliminating that reasonable and sanitary discrimination. Boas spread his doctrine through a number students who left his Columbia to found similar departments nationwide. Together they formed a political network that commited ideocide against bearers of genetic truth. The Boas brigade crushed racialists on campus while their jewish brothers crushed racialists in the press. The result you see before you: America remodeled on the idea that anyone can be an American: America, third-world slum. Margaret Mead was Boas' most prominent disciple, one of few non-jews, but, as is often the case, the most famous. She offers a goyfront to sheeny intellectual crimes parallel to bushy's goyfront to their political crimes, such as the Jews' War on Iraq. Mead is famed for "proving" that love was free in Samoa, the implication being that White Western culture is too neurotic and uptight to make it free here. In typical kike hypocrisy, by Boas' theory it is wrong to say one culture is better than another, but only when White culture -- real culture -- is doing the looking down. It is always permissible to upbraid Whites for not following the practices of these or those brown stubbies. Not coincidentally, jew-trained Mead's "scientific" findings just happened to mesh perfectly with the jews' prescription for American goyim: they should be sexually loose. The looser, the better - for jews. Forget STD rates, emotional problems, bastards left hanging - the only thing that matters is what is "good for jews," as any competent rabbi can tell you. The Germans figured this out. That's why they booted Boas' brethren out of their country, some three decades after he left. In America these jews created The Authoritarian Personality, the conclusions of which dovetail with the implications of Mead's work. As the jews now control the publishing/academic complex, foreign ideas are banished. Nothing, or next to it, not jew-edited, jew-ordained, "good for jews" appears in print. Does it turn out, decades later, that Mead's findings were foolish and false? Yes, but so what? Their political purpose is accomplished. No rebutting by Freeman or anyone else will reverse the damage done. The best we can do at this point is clean up the jews synthesizing the Big Lie of the 21st century from their sinecure in the modern taxpayer-subsidized asylum called the academy. Note the way the minute you use evidence to disprove a jew or jew agent's Big Lie, your very sanity comes under question. The jews have vehicles for carrying their smears, believe you me.

Communism, a Common Symptom of Jew Infection: Or, If Jews, Then Communism: Again: Australia's Aarons

Just as in America and Europe, the bringers of communism were jews. The Dynasties narrator declared that "the Aarons were once called the royal family of Australian communism". The program focused on Sam Aarons (1895-1971), who headed the Communist Party of Australia in Western Australia, and his sons Laurie (1917-2005) and Eric (1919-), along with Laurie's children Brian and Mark. Laurie and Eric both held the position of national secretary of the communist party, based in Sydney. What price should jews pay for inventing communism, and spreading its miseries across every continent?

Today's Bowl Hero, Tomorrow's Ground Zero

A simian can run fast. It is celebrated. A couple years later, it can't run fast enough. It's protective coterie of attorneys, advisers, and agents disappears. It slips back into the 'Kwa. Nature takes its course, and the nigger takes your money. Where has pretending that niggers are our equals gotten us? It has made fools of us. It has wrecked too many neighborhoods to count, and now it is wrecking whole nations. We now have white kids pretending they're niggers. Racial equality has trapped. Either we're too dumb to see we're wrong, too proud to admit we're wrong, or too cowardly to fight the jews imposing this false ideal on us for their advantage. Yesterday the jew held up jew Jesus for White dolts to imitate. Today it holds up a stinking negro. These golden calves by goldstein gots ta go, White man. Here on Marcus Vick, an O.J. in training if there ever was one.

White Concoctions: Cognac

History... Just as aficionados of music can listen to an orchestra and separate the violins from the cellos from the violas, so a connoisseur of cognac can separate the aromas -- the flowers from the fruit from the spice. Peoples afficionados can separate nigs from flats from Whites with just one sniff.

Miners and Minstels

When it turned out, yeah verily, that the miners were not alive, the people repaired to their house of worship where they promptly joined larynxes yowling What a Friend We have in Him (Who Asphixiates Every Miner For a Reason). If the All-powerful and All-seeing seems to incompletely succeed, let us remember it is our miserable human judgment rendering verdict.

Ordinary Germans

Shitting on Germany and Germans is de rigueur for twinkycons. Here the self-styled metrocon doesn't see the relation between the jews he toadies to and the dropped standards he disdains. The inversion of values is both judeo-christian and marxist. Yesterday the masses were taught to admire jews; today, niggers.

Listen here: Linder on "The Peter Principle." Read it here: The Aryan Alternative #3 (pdf)!

Craig & Stan's Kingston Adventure

VNN Radio Goes 24/7!

Eat our dust jewz! VNN is now broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Live Streaming capability has been established. Live call-in shows are only a babystep away. Currently there are 26 hours of archived media featuring Goyfire, Craig "Chain" Cobb exclusives, VNNers on Peter Schaenk's show, "The Peter Principle," Celtic Rage and Music Broadcasts for Whites. Try it now!

Another Integration Success Story: Niggers Murder Seven Whites

The Washington Post has taken from you your right to segregate your community from vile, murderous niggers. It doesn't even want you to be allowed to own a gun. The Washington Post advocates policies it knows will lead to White genocide. Watch this story disappear from the wires now that it's known that the criminals are black. More here on the whites the niggers murdered. "It is immoral to oppose integration," farts Big Jew. More here.

Dejewing the Tube

Hamas creates tv station in for from Gaza. There is scarecely a sector of Western society in which jews do not exert a preponderant and destructive influence-amounting-to-control. Once officially launched, Al-Aqsa Television will be the first private station in Gaza. Hamas says it wants the station to be high-tech and modern, not like the stodgy, state-run Arab stations. Hezbollah's Al Manar TV has reporters throughout the Middle East, including Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, who cover events on location. When Hezbollah attacks Israeli targets, Al Manar often broadcasts images of the strike. Fail to genuflect to the dirty kikes once, oy -- you, they'll remember. The Mayor of London, who is shortly to learn if he will be officially sanctioned for comparing a Jewish journalist to a Nazi, now faces being frozen out of celebrations to mark the 350th anniversary of the readmission of the Jews to England. Celebrating the readmission of jews = "hey! the leukemia's back!" The return of malignant kikonoma is nothing to party about. Here on U.S. treatment of independent journalist in Iraq. Isn't it funny how "the people" always want precisely the same thing as the media jews?

No Bail for Three Whites

Involved in Cronulla resistance... The mudslims that raced about in cars, smashing and burning things, aren't in jail at all. Here on spread of "Russian" (i.e., jew) gangsters in Australia.

Demographics and the Jewing of the White West

In the Wall Street Journal you can read about Muslims as an opportunistic infection. In VNN, you can read the same about jews. It was the jews who altered America's immigration law to admit tens of millions of mudmen. That's what the war's about: our lack of civilizational confidence. As a famous Arnold Toynbee quote puts it: "Civilizations die from suicide, not murder"--as can be seen throughout much of "the Western world" right now. Not accurate. The West is not committing suicide, it is being murdered by jews. It is not Whites who control Congress and the media but jews - through the media, and through the Federal Reserve. Whites not breeding at colored levels does not indicate suicide. If whites had ever voted to let in the third world, that would qualify as suicidal. Whites never did. The mass of whites has always opposed both open borders and affirmative action, and it continues to today. All that is necessary for a restoration of White power is conscious polarizing into White vs. jew, as these are the only real players, at least in the west. Polarization must be rhetorically implemented through the deliberate use of a term for the most remarkable and unremarked phenomenon in today's West: the absolute, entrenched, murderous hatred of the jew for the White. The recognition of this uniquely influential phenomenon is made concrete in the adoption of both a unique new word for it, and a symbol for products or services delivered without jewish involvement. Jews know they are not us. They know it is to their advantage to conceal this in public. Otherwise we might not fight their wars for them. We might notice what they're up to. We might notice that their vaunted light-bringing and barrier-breaking is malicious and genocidal vandalism. We cannot expect the jews to do our job for them. They can never admit the possibility of warped jewish hate as the wellspring of whatever it is these days that passes as culture - little more than an electronic device for turning white men into niggers. By force of rhetoric and arms jews must be controlled - that is the only way out. The jews murdering the West must be neutralized by White Mossadists; the jews spewing Kultursmog must be turned off. Quit cable; refuse to subsidize with checks any publication that prints jews.

White Homeland: Rhine & Seine

On the condition of the rivers... By the late 1990s, most of the river's 63 native species had returned after dropping to a low of 29, although the elusive sturgeon remains absent from its former habitats.

Jewed Congress

Plastic demons of decomposition, Wagner called them. The perverse media take pains we needn't not to notice that there's a perfect identity between jews and corruption. America, you see, is an idea, as the corrupting jews tell us. That idea is: get as much money as you can, however you have to do that. The sons of Puritans figure if not them, someone else, so what the hell? Sell out the country to Israel, get rich. We White Nationalists continue to insist that a nation is not an idea, a nation is a race. If loyalty to money supplants loyalty to kin -- race-family -- then you get what we have now - AmeriKwa, an increasingly unattractive place; a non-nation filled with corrupting jews, Mara Salvatruchans, nigger sex predators, "Indian" casinos...

MS-13 Strong in U.S. Thanks to Jewish Border-Openers

While our troops are sent abroad to make the world safe for the tiny, sick, vicious parasite Israel, our country fills with criminal brown stubbies, some of them more than marginally organized. Bob Clifford, who directs the FBI unit created last year to combat MS-13, says the battle symbolized MS-13's development from a smattering of loosely organized cells across the nation to an increasingly efficient and dangerous organization that has become a significant threat to public safety. "Our worst suspicions about MS-13 have been confirmed" by the Houston shooting and other recent gang-related incidents, Clifford says. ... From low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles, MS-13 has spread throughout the USA, largely following the migration patterns of immigrants from El Salvador and other Central American nations. With a membership that the FBI estimates could be as high as 10,000, MS-13 is most active in Los Angeles, the Mid-Atlantic, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Thanks, jews. Is this what you wanted when you subcontracted political decisions to the ADL, White man? Would we not be better off if our domestic and foreign policies were controlled by Americans rather than jews?

Whites Should Be Grateful Iraq Only Costs 2 Trillion (Plus), Say Hate Jews

The real cost to the US of the Iraq war is likely to be between $1 trillion and $2 trillion (�1.1 trillion), up to 10 times more than previously thought, according to a report written by a Nobel prize-winning economist and a Harvard budget expert. Jewish liberation campaigns don't come cheap. They cost, in fact, trillions. Trillions extracted from the pockets of Whites. There's also the not-small chance you, whiteskinned soldier, will die in their war.

WorldNetDelinquent: Appeasing Israel is Job #1

Israel worries about Iran, so that must become our top priority. It is a Big Lie that Iran is an "imminent threat," as jew-appeaser Suckpoop Joe claims. Israel is the real threat to America. Its neocons have already caused a war costing us TRILLIONS when all is said and done, if that day ever comes. Today it urges a new and even more expensive war on us, against a nation that merely wishes to defend itself from Israel. Iran possesses not a single nuclear weapon. Israel has hundreds.

Sindi Speaks the Truth About Jews and the West

Good background trove here. Sindi's website here. Here jew Lipstadt on Irving. She fears the "far right" will find a martyr. Those of you who think you believe there were gas chambers at Auschwitz, take five minutes and examine the sources of this 'knowledge.' You haven't been to Auschwitz. You haven't carried out any independent evaluation of historical goings-on there. How do you know what happened? Someone told you. Who was that someone? Had he, they, an interest in deceiving you? Like commie journalist Burchett?

Harry and the Haters

Organized jewry forms a global criminal mafia, one of whose arms is dedicated to the persecution of the elderly.

China: 40 Million Excess Men by 2020

No women for them. How might these 40 million be used? Can you think of a way? Say China decided to arm a couple million of them and invade Australia.

"Brokeback Mountain" and Marlboro Manipulation

Hollywood has an agenda. It involves fags and you liking them, or at least not opposing them publicly and keeping your distaste to yourself. The manipulation of emotions Kupelian describes and denounces when it comes to Hollywood and faggotry applies to his publication's manipulation of idiots to support Israel. Here on Kupelian's book about the marketing of evil.

Admission to Harvard

It's a problem when jews are insufficiently overrepresented. Even though jews didn't -- couldn't -- create a Harvard of their own, and would laugh at any goy demanding overrepresentation in any institution they could create. Today, when jews control Harvard, the Christian Whites they hate make up about the same percentage of each incoming class as jews, even though jews are but 2% of the population whereas Whites are 70%. Fair? No such thing. There's what's "good for jews" and the rest, commonly mislabled "antisemitism."


On creator Hofmann, turning 100. "Everything comes from the sun via the plant kingdom," he said. Here on the possibility of human hibernation.

Media: Global Reach/ESPN

The development of global media companies tends toward a globomindset. See how far ESPN's tentacles reach, know that its mind is utterly, completely jewish. Same with MTV, even more extensive. Here analysis of Stern-Sirius's impact on radio. Sirius's number of subscribers has jumped from 660,000 at the time Mr. Stern's deal was announced in October 2004, to 3.3 million today.

Media: What People Actually Read

Moulitsas's appearance before the Democratic caucus was a verbal version of what he writes every day on his blog, DailyKos. The site, which has existed for only around three and a half years, now has 3.7 million readers each week. That's more than the top 10 opinion magazines�of both left and right�combined, more readers than any political publication has had, ever, in the history of the world. Here on the ideas dominating Europe. ...where monochrome media daily reiterate statist mantras and shut out contrarian views, and where teachers and professors systematically misrepresent the U.S. True. Two common European brainwashings are that Americans are cowboys, and Africans in America are still slaves. Here on jew Stewart hosting Oscars.

White Art: Henry Green

He was interested, precisely, in the "debasement" that language and meaning undergo when we speak. His father, a distinguished classicist, had listened delightedly to the way his servants spoke at the family home, Forthampton Court, and often consulted a dialect dictionary. Here on Leipzig School, with its unjewy interest in representational art. "The disadvantages of the wall are well known," says Arno Rink, a 65-year-old recently retired professor of painting who served as director of the academy in Leipzig both before and after the wall came down. "If you want to talk of an advantage, you can say it allowed us to continue in the tradition of Cranach and Beckmann. It protected the art against the influence of Joseph Beuys." Here on T.S. Eliot. "It is now our unsparing obligation to disclaim the reactionary Eliot," Cynthia Ozick declared in a 1989 New Yorker essay; in 1995 the British barrister Anthony Julius followed suit with a prosecutorial opus indicting the poet on long-bruited charges of malignant anti-Semitism. Here a book on P.C. vs. art. With words, anything may be made into anything, ill-reasons the jew, for profit. Employment as professor to the jew means subsidized practice outraging the normals. It's funny when a jew is jewing a painting; less funny when it's jewing society. The insane jew, after all, is the one printing the paper and the money. The genetically disordered jew has no place in White society.

- more -

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