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4 May, 2013

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First drones, now this. But you don’t really mind living in a surveillance society, do you? You do? Well, then, you’re going on “the list.” (By the way, this list will focus on White right-wingers, not on Blacks, Mexicans or leftists). [Article].

16 February, 2013

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England is already a surveillance society, with video cameras on every street. [Article].

8 February, 2013

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Here’s one way: require gun owners to carry mandatory firearms insurance which they really can’t afford. No insurance, no guns. (It isn’t too much different from mandatory auto insurance, which is another “tax” on blue-collar White people. I say “blue-collar” people because they can least afford mandatory monthly fees. Those who argue in favor of […]

2 August, 2011

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In AmeriKwa, animals are protected from humans, but humans aren’t protected from negroes. [Article].

21 December, 2009

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Democracy is bribery. The coming ‘health care’ bill, to be passed on Christmas Eve as a big present for the AmeriKwan moron, to be redundant, is pretty much the summum anti-bonum for all involved who don’t work for the government, the connected companies, or number among the mud-alien floods who want something for nothing. America […]