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16 April, 2006

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[WIll be interesting to see if the suspect’s a coon, after the endless go-round about the Dutch-named Duke-Lacrosse type.] Holloway suspect’s identity not released By MARGARET WEVER ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER In this June 10, 2005 file photo, a missing poster for young American woman Natalee Holloway is seen on Palm Beach, on the Caribbean island […]

16 April, 2006

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[Anybody ever hear of this guy?] Feds say farmer was area’s ‘McVeigh’ By Lawrence Buser April 15, 2006 Federal prosecutors on Friday credited state and federal investigators for foiling a plan by a McKenzie, Tenn., farmer to blow up government buildings and kill scores of people with nerve gas.Demetrius ‘Van’ Crocker, a 40-year-old divorced father […]

14 April, 2006

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First up is Joseph Coles. This fine Des Moines nigger is charged with roughly 250 counts that translate into being a nigger, i.e., using his dick on watermelons, 40-ounce bottles, his own sort-of daughters. During this time period the victim was between 10 and 15 years of age. On two separate occasions, the victim became […]

1 April, 2006

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[After a thousand played-down nigger-on-human rapes/murders, the male cunts at ESPN turn with pleasure faced with synthetic horror to a ‘rape’ case involving white Duke lacrosse players and a nigger stripper.

28 March, 2006

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[Gang-rape is all but exclusively black-, Mexican-, or Asian-on-White. The exceedingly rare time the opposite is found it becomes a national story. Jews have trained the public to hate Duke, as it is attended by a lot of rich, white kids. The type that we know from a million Hollywood productions are vicious, racist hypocrites, […]