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27 November, 2008

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Westerners who push racial and sexual “equality” are pushing Soviet ideology. Literally. It wasn’t until the third Soviet Constitution (1936) that the status of citizens was spelled out in detail. Granted, Soviet officials didn’t honor all of the promises made in the Soviet Constitution, e.g., freedom of speech. Note especially Article 123, which is a […]

25 November, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

14 November, 2008

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The Jews and the egalitarians are already worried that advances in genetic science will reveal important racial differences between Whites and muds that can’t be explained away by Jewish “experts”: [Article].

22 October, 2008

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After years of affirmative action and lowered standards, women and non-Whites still lag behind White men in actual job performance: [Article].

27 September, 2008

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Good comments by Ron Paul. The Community Reinvestment Act, which played a role in the Wall Street mess, was created by Congress in 1977 to counter “White flight” from cities such as Detroit. When a neighborhood became black and poor, banks were reluctant to loan money to it. The CRA, which was revised (i.e., liberalized) […]

26 August, 2008

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…but the Jews and the liberals still say that all humans are “equal”: [Article].

12 August, 2008

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Today’s women are usually short men who wear tampons. But some women are rejecting Judeo-modernism in favor of traditional female roles: [Article].

9 August, 2008

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In addition to this link, here’s an idea for a new word: race-mad/madness. Definition: a serious mental disorder that first appeared in the West after the destruction of Nazi Germany in 1945. A person who is race-mad will do absolutely anything to further the goal of racial equality no matter how extreme or bizarre: [Article].

26 July, 2008

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How shocked Joe Sixpack would be if he knew that the landmark Brown court ruling was not based on constitutional law per se, but on social and “moral” arguments instead. In other words, legally speaking, his White children should not be attending public schools with violent negroes: [Article].

25 July, 2008

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement […]